Sunday, November 27, 2011

It's sneeking up on us...

(I took her pictures today.  It was so fun.  It sure helps that she is adorable.)

Photo Shoot

 I finished Alexis' baptism dress last night!  25+ hours of MAJOR patience.  
Alexis and I ventured out this afternoon and did a little photo shoot in preparation for the big day. 

But, before you see the pictures...let me give credit where credit is due.

When I saw this dress 2 years ago there was no going back.  Leisel, who made the original dress, said she would try and make up a pattern for it back then.  Every few months I'd ask her if she made the pattern.  I emailed her a month ago asking her some questions about the dress because I figured there was no way she'd be making the pattern now that the holiday season was approaching.  She emailed me back...and had finished the pattern!  I can't even tell you how thrilled I was.

She made up the pattern herself and she shares it for FREE on her blog.  Amazing, huh?  I honestly need to take a picture of the inside too...because if you could see how clean and pretty it is on the inside (with 1 surged seam showing) you will see why it took so long.  Pretty much...Leisel is AMAZING!

 We went to the Newport Beach Temple to take pictures but as I suspected they lock their gates on Sunday.  But, we still managed to get some cute shots from the church grounds across the street.
 Alexis woke me up 2 weeks ago and she could hardly contain her excitement.  
She apparently woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep and so she decided to lay in bed and read her scriptures.  
The excitement (no joke...jumping up and down...while waking me up) was because she's now in 2nd Nephi.  
Amazing, right?
Would you believe me if I told I didn't edit this picture above besides cropping the picture a tiny bit? 

 Then we went back home for some pictures at the beach.
Loved taking her picture on Lifeguard Tower #8  (It was my friend Jillonnie's idea)...but those Lifegaurds were after us on their trucks so fast.  So we hopped off before we could get in trouble from them. 
 Those toe lines forming the 8 are just too cute.  And who doesn't love an exclamation point!

 What...all the lifegaurds are helping that ambulence by tower 6 help someone?  
Certainly, they don't need more people crowding them...
maybe we should just wait here on tower 8.  Why not take a few more pictures?
That's staying out of the way right? 

She just couldn't help grabbing her $10 fisher price camera to take a picture of the sunset on our way out.  So cute!

It was such a fun afternoon.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time alone together.

(P.S.  In case you were wondering:  The lady down by tower 6 seemed to be doing fine when we left.)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Tears of Joy

Alexis is getting baptized in just over a month.  It is so sweet to see the excitement in her eyes and the bright smile that appears every time it gets brought up.  She, honestly, astounds me with her love of the gospel...but especially her love for reading the scriptures.  I do not remember, nor do I ever think I was as bright and interested in the scriptures at 7 years old like she is.  She gets it.  We do not tell her she has to read them every night.  But she does.  On her own.  She doesn't just read to say she read them.  She reads to understand them.  That is what truly amazes both Chad and I.

I decided I needed to have more time with just her to talk about this important decision in her life of being baptized.  The time she opens up the most is when she is in bed and wants me to lay next to her.  Tonight, I decided the dishes can hobbies can be pushed aside.  Something I should do a lot more often.

I told her I was going to be starting on her baptism dress tomorrow and she asked me how more than one person can feel the spirit at the same time.  I explained it with the analogy of the sun being felt by more than one person.  Then she asked why doesn't she feel the spirit strongly all the time right now and we discussed the importance of her baptism and her receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost afterwards and that being one of the many blessings.  That the Holy Ghost will always be with her to comfort her and help her as long as she is making good choices in her life.  The best way to explain that was through a personal story.

So, I told her one of the greatest lessons I learned about the Holy Ghost.  This is what I told her.  Her eyes were glued to me the entire time.

I was 16 years old.  I had just come home from soccer practice and I was really tired.  I got out of the car and starting walking to the front door when I had a really strong feeling that I needed to lock my door to my car.  I didn't.  I kept walking.

I started unlocking the front door of my house and felt the feeling even stronger that I needed to lock my car door.  I thought to myself, "I never lock my door.  That's crazy.  It's an old car and beat up.  (The car was $500 if that gives you a better picture.)  I don't ever keep anything in it." 

I got inside the house and the feeling was so strong.  I couldn't hear it with my ears but it was as though someone was telling me inside my head to go back outside and lock my car door.  I was tired and I didn't want to walk all the way back to my car.

But that 3rd time, I realized there MUST be a reason I keep feeling this way.  So I walked back out to my car and locked my door.

Later  that night, before I went to bed I got in a fight with my mom.  Over something so silly I don't remember what it was about.  She was probably telling me I needed to clean my room like usual and I wasn't nice back and I didn't listen to her.  I remembered after fighting with her that I needed to go to my friends house and get some homework.  I left really upset.  I came home and went straight to my room and went to bed without talking to my Mom or apologizing to her.

The next morning my sister woke me up.  She asked me if I left my car doors open yesterday and I told her I didn't. 

(Alexis Gasps)

I ran outside to see.  Sure enough, my car doors were open.   I thought about how after I fought with my mom the night before and went to my friends house I forgot to lock my car door when I came back.  And I didn't have that strong feeling to stop me and tell me to go back and lock my door that time.

I checked the car.  My change and change holder to my car were gone.  I'm sure there was maybe only a couple of dollars total so I really didn't care that much.  I really didn't give much thought as to why I would have such strong feelings to lock my door over a few dollars.

I didn't care that much until the next Sunday, when I was looking for my scriptures.  The last place I had them was in my car. 

(Alexis Gasps even louder)

They were gone.  It wasn't just the couple of dollars in change that had been stolen from my car.  But, my scriptures too.  I was really sad.  I realized that the Holy Ghost was trying to warn me to lock my car so my scriptures wouldn't get stolen...not the money.  The money really didn't matter.  Those scriptures were really important to me.  My parents gave me those scriptures on the day I was baptized.  And now they were gone. 

I asked Alexis why the Holy Ghost didn't tell me to lock my door when I came back from my friends house.

"Because you fought with your Mommy."

She was so sad for me.  But she understood the lesson completely.  We talked a little more and she asked me some more questions.  And then she told me this story.

"A little while ago, I can't remember if it was in September or October, I was saying my prayers in bed.  I asked Heavenly Father if he would forgive all of my sins and I started to cry out loud.  Daddy walked by my room and heard me crying and opened the door and asked me why I was crying.  I told him I didn't know.  He kissed me good night and told me he loved me and went to his office.  I was too shy to tell him why I was really crying.  When I asked Heavenly Father to forgive my sins I felt so happy inside.  I started to cry.  But it wasn't a sad cry.  It was a happy cry.  I know it was the spirit making me feel so happy.  I just didn't know how to tell Daddy.  After he left, I quickly finished and said "in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen."   But, now that I think about it...I probably should have taken more time to really finish my prayer and not end it."

I giggled at her last sentence but tears filled my eyes as we talked about that feeling she felt.  I kissed her goodnight and came out with a confirmation that I needed to do this with my kids more often.  Lay by them one at a time and just talk.

Chad came home from school about 15 minutes later.  I asked him if he remembered a night when he heard Alexis crying in her room and asking her why she was crying.  He said exactly what Alexis said.  That she said she didn't know why she was crying and that he remembered going in there kissing her goodnight and telling her he loved her.

I filled him in on the rest of the story but not without tears in my eyes.  Tears of joy.  He was quiet and amazed and we both just sat there in that quiet, peaceful moment realizing our daughter was on a completely different spiritual level than either of us were at her age.  And not because of us.  That is Alexis.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

400 thousand dollars

My handicapped sister is on a mission with my parents in Utah. She emailed me this today:


i will give you 4oo thounder dallor


I wrote back:


Sweet. I could use an extra 400 thousand dollars. When will you be sending it?

Love you,

She makes me laugh because I have no clue where she gets these things from. And when did she start signing "Mel" as her name. She's too funny.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cleaning Break

Right now...we are in a mad dash cleaning our house. Just because I want it CLEAN!

Alexis and Carter have been working hard in the playroom for over an hour. I went to throw some dirty clothes in the laundry room and this is what I heard as I passed the playroom.

"Hey, Carter, check and see if I farted."

" did."

"Ok, thanks."

End of conversation. Gross? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely. Had to document it because I can't stop laughing. They don't even know I heard. But I called Chad and we were busting up and we decided...this is why we have kids. Sometimes they just really lighten the mood around here.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bad Words

A few months before school got out my sister called me to tell me of an experience she had with her 7 year old daughter.

As my sister was typing her daughter pointed out she wrote a bad word. Mindy looked at the computer and saw where her daughter was pointing and sure enough she had pushed the S key down too long for the word "as."

She was shocked. When did her daughter learn that word? She called to warn me that most likely our daughters were already learning bad words. (They were in the same class at school.)

Not all of 2 days later Alexis comes home from school.

"Mom, Jonathan said the "S" word at school today."

"What? Are you kidding me? That's horrible."

I was kinda freaked out because I had just been warned by Mindy...but amongst my freakout I thought...I better ask her what the "S" word is, right?

"Alexis, what is the "S" word?"

"Mom, you know..."stupid."

Stupid. Phew. Oh no. She saw me freak out. I don't want her to know there is another "S" word. So I told her how sad that was that he used that word and that she needed to always remember when kids aren't talking appropriately to go play with someone else who is.

I thought it was over.

Over a month has passed. School is almost out. Alexis comes home.

"Hey, Mom. You know how I told you Jonathan said the "S" word at school."


"Well, I found out today why he said it."


"Because he's Jewish."

"WHAT? Why does that matter?"

"You know. Jewish."

I shake my head not understanding where she is going.

"Mom...Jewish people don't have to keep the commandments."

And then we had bigger problems to sort out like the following:

-Just because something is strictly enforced in our house doesn't mean it's a commandment!
-Jewish people actually do believe in keeping the commandments.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer

I love summer. Especially, since I can send the older kids out to swim while Owen naps. They love it.

Friday was my sister's birthday so I invited her kids over to play so she could have some time to do whatever she wanted.

I seriously laughed the whole time watching them play in the back yard. For one...these girls are SPITTING images of my sister and I. The best of friends...but a fight can erupt suddenly. My sister and I were close and we played together a lot. They thought it would be fun to bring the teeter totter in from the side yard and see how well they could teeter totter in the pool.

Seriously, if you are in need of need to watch kids do this. The tiniest shift of weight and one kid would slip off and the kid on the other end would go flying. I seriously haven't laughed that hard in a while.
The best was hearing Chelsea tell Alexis that she needed to stop moving and tipping them over. Alexis claimed she wasn't...and Chelsea exclaimed,

"Well, it's definitely not it has to be you."

(I swear my sister would have said the same thing to me when we were that age.)

Then Chelsea decided to try it by herself. After she had tried Alexis wanted to try it by herself.

Chelsea says, "Yah...let's see you try. Then we'll see whose tipping it."

Alexis' laughed and I was busting up.

Alexis gets on the teeter totter and gets a huge shove out to the middle of pool by Chelsea (with an obvious attempt to throw her off balance.) Alexis flew off and came up exclaiming..."Yah...I'm not very good.)

I died laughing to say the least.

1) Because Alexis was unaware of Chelsea's intent and
2) Because I was reliving my childhood just watching them.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Airplane Watching

Owen is in love with airplanes right now. He stops whatever he is doing the minute he hears one to find where it is in the sky and points it out to everyone around him. Time stops when an airplane comes by and we all pause whatever we are doing because of Owen's excitement.
One of things on our summer to do list was to go watch airplanes land and take off at the airport. Friday night we were eating dinner and Owen yelled out "Air-pane" three different times while he was eating. We were inside but our windows were open. Chad decided it was a good night to go after that. We grabbed our beach chairs, some waters and popped some popcorn and we were out the door.
All the kids loved it.

Alexis adores her little brothers. Can you tell?
The best part was when the airplanes had landed Owen would turn around and look at us as if to say, "Did you see that?" His finger would stay pointing through the fence at what he had just seen.
There was no time to put on make-up since this was a spur of the moment thing...but I still love this picture anyway. I love being a Mom.
Ryder was a happy camper just chillin' in his cars seat or in my lap.
I highly recommend this activity. It's fun, easy...and FREE!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Swim Team

Saturday was the kids last swim meet. They ABSOLUTELY love swim team. They never complain about going to practice and they love competing.
Alexis had a great year. She finished off this meet swimming in the official race for freestyle and was the last leg in both relays. Since she was in the 7-8 year old group she will compete in that group again next year.
I'm pretty sure 99% of the girls in her age group are over a foot taller than her. I'll have to find our video of her swimming because this picture below just doesn't do it.
She is such a pretty swimmer, she's fast and she's so close to making it all the way across without breathing. So next year may be the year she gets that "no breather" she's been working so hard to get.

Carter shocked both Chad and I. We thought we'd have to convince him into enjoying the competitive side of swimming but once again his competitive nature came out without any push from us. If you only met him on the soccer field, on the t-ball field or at the swim meets you would HONESTLY think he was a feisty kid because he is so into sports. But outside of those settings he's quiet, kind and mostly reserved.
This was Carter's first year so he had to try out before the season started. They changed the rules this year. The 4 year olds now have to swim the entire length of the pool, unassisted, doing side breathing, never flipping to their backs, never touching the side of the pool or lane lines and never stop kicking or doing "big arms." We practiced with him everyday and he worked so hard. At the try-outs he did all of the above. Both Chad and I watched. We were shocked when the email came saying he didn't make it. Carter was so sad. I asked the coach why and he told me it was because Carter looked tired and didn't think he could go back and forth a few times at practice.

WHAT? Made no sense to us...but we cooperated.

Anyhow, the coaches allowed a few kids that were borderline to practice for a few more weeks and try out again 3 weeks later. By that point I had given birth to Ryder and couldn't get in the water with Carter. So, my sister took him to the pool every morning with her boy and Chad took them every night to practice. Carter worked so hard. He swam the length of the pool six times in a row the morning he tried out. He wanted this so bad and and he knew he only had one more chance. His hard work paid off and he made the team.
He's got his big arms down pat. (He's the one in the second lane from the bottom with his head buried in the water.) He's very consistent on his timing...side breathing every 4 strokes and he's got huge kicks. Next year it will be fun to see if he can get his kicking to propel him faster and pull under water with his hands.

Between their races, they enjoyed playing with their friends, playing with their little brothers...

and relaxing while eating the candy they paid for with their hard earned money doing chores at home.
We were so proud of them. They always gave 100% and it was so fun to watch.

Friday, July 15, 2011


When it rains it pours. We've been dealing with lots of health problems that have required us to go see a few specialists.

Long story short:

Ryder is seeing a gastro-interologist regularly to make sure he's doing ok. We had an appointment today. I found out a lot about reflux. And that it is going to get worse. It should peek at 4 or 5 months. I didn't know that. We are upping his meds again. The ups and downs we've had trying to figure out what works for him is another story in and of itself. If we have to keep increasing the dosage of his medicine that tells us he most likely will have this beyond his 1st birthday.

Owen had surgery on Tuesday. 6 ear infections this year and a resistance to amoxicillin gave us a ticket to see the ENT specialist. We had a within 1 week or 4 months...due to the doctors booked schedule. We choose the 1 week option. So glad we did too...because the Dr. drained fluid out of one ear and sticky pus out of the other.

Owen also has an appointment to see the gastrointerologist due to his "aversion" to food. Hmm...he will eat sweets if they are that makes me think he's just fine. But other days when he won't consume a bite of anything it makes me wonder. We shall August.

Alexis' stomach is acting up a lot so I'm pretty sure we are going to have to start giving her her medicine regularly now.

Carter, please stay healthy! You are the only one left.

Oh ya...I forgot to mention I had to go see the dermatologist a little over a month ago to have some weird growth on my neck removed. Back in January, I had an itch and the next thing I knew I was bleeding profusely. I was in a meeting so it's not like I was scratching my neck like crazy. Anyhow, it bled like crazy every time a kid touched it. I didn't even have a mole or freckle there before. So they removed it after I had Ryder and all is well now.

Friday, June 24, 2011


We had to call 911 at 2am this morning.

We woke up to Ryder choking on thick mucous. It was really scary. He couldn't breathe so Chad grabbed the bulb syringe and started suctioning. By that point goop was coming out his eyes and nose and he was starting to foam at the mouth.

We got him calmed down and breathing again...but then he did it again 5 minutes later. He's had a very dry cough for 2 weeks but inconsistent. Otherwise, no real warning.

We called 911, went by ambulance to the er, the doctor there released us since he is fine between episodes. He had another episode this morning at 8:30. We saw his pediatrician and she wanted him to be monitored at children's hospital. So I am here with Ryder and Chad is home with the other kids.

The doctors all think it's due to his reflux worse than we thought. We find out in the morning if they want to do special tests.

I have always put my babies in another room to sleep by 2 weeks. I have kept Ryder in his car seat next to my bed all along. I'm so grateful because I can honestly say I don't think we would have caught it in time had he not been right next to us.

Update: Ryder had another episode at 1am here at children's hospital. They were able to come in and hear the junk in his nose and mouth. Other doctors haven't been able to hear it because he sounds perfectly fine after an episode. They had to use the wall suction to clear him. The bulb string can't get it. He slept and woke up at 6am coughing not gagging yet. The bulb syringe didn't work again. Used wall syringe. A ton of thick yellow junk came out. He ate much more comfortably with being suctioned first. I'm glad they saw his episode because they saw I wasn't crazy and he is sick on top of an underlying reflux issue. We are both doing good. I'm grateful we can be here. He is going to have an upper GI test to see the extent of his reflux and an EKG for a mild heart murmur. We will for sure be here 1 more night since he's had more episodes here and still relies on the wall suction.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dear Chad,

While editing our pictures of your sister's wedding...I came across this one:
Could this have anything to do with the fact that I frequently tell you I rarely spank the kids?

Even though you have this to blackmail me...I feel that spank was warranted. Those refection pools at the temple aren't for swimming.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

See Mommy.

See Mommy. She is a good Mommy.
She is a patient Mommy. She is a happy Mommy.

(Just starting to take pictures at the temple for Chad's sister's wedding.)

Now, see Mommy. She is not a good Mommy.
She is not a patient Mommy. She is NOT a Happy Mommy.
(2 Hours Later)

Just be glad you didn't see the scene before this picture where I sprinted to retrieve Owen from running behind the Bride and Groom's picture. It didn't go as smooth as I pictured. I took Owen out and almost face planted in my dress. One of these days I'll realize I'm not as coordinated as I used to be when sprinting. For now, let's just blame it on the baby weight.

Notice anything?

Anything MISSING, that is?

Woo Hoo. Alexis lost her 2 front teeth.

Ok, fine...I pulled them out.

But the first one was really loose...and all snaggle tooth-y that I couldn't bear the sight of it any longer. And, the next one was loose...I'm sure it could have used another week or so...but loose enough for me to pull it out the night before Chad's sister's wedding...because it's a heck of a lot cuter to have both missing in pictures. I's a sickness. But it's a sickness my kids don't mind I have. And I'm so good...she never felt a THING! Go ahead...ask her?

Health Issues: (Part 1- Alexis' Tummy Aches)

Back when Alexis started Kindergarten (almost 2 years ago) she started complaining of tummy aches when she went to bed. This occurred frequently. However, Alexis has always been that kid of ours that ALWAYS has an excuse as to why she can't go to sleep. From the time we put her in a big girl bed at 2 we've heard it all.

"I'm thirsty. I'm not tired. Can you sing me a song? I'm scared. I have to go potty. I hate my nose." (Remember, that one! I wrote about it here.)

I'm pretty sure she's thought of everything in the book. As I type this...she just got out of bed to tell me how she is scared her toenail will fall off under her covers...if she puts them over her. BUT..."she's COLD and really wants her covers." (Her toe and our front door had a little run in this weekend.) Don't worry, I assured her if it did fall off we would retrieve the toenail in her bed and wash her covers. I'm a good mom. I know.

Anyhow, I'm proving my point of Alexis' excuses at bedtime.

So, when she started complaining of tummy aches at bedtime 2 years ago Chad and I would get pretty frustrated with her. The tummy aches starting occurring more frequently and started popping up whenever she didn't want to eat her dinner. So, naturally, Chad and I got even more frustrated.

It wasn't until first grade when the tummy aches started occurring at school that I thought, "Maybe, her tummy really does hurt." She frequented the nurses office when school began and her teacher and I had a talk. She felt like her tummy aches were legit since she was a good student and social. When the nurse would call us we'd talk to Alexis and ask her to stay at school. Not sure if that nurse thought we were mean parents or not. But, tummy ache or wasn't going away whether she came home or stayed. So, she stayed.

People asked me if she was constipated. Nope. But we put her on some stool softeners just to make sure nothing was plugging her up. No, relief from the tummy aches.

Her teacher thought it could be stress induced because Alexis is a perfectionist. If she got a math problem wrong...her eyes would well up with tears. Then one day the teacher announced it was library day. Alexis walked up and told her she needed to go to the nurses office because her tummy was hurting. Then she found out Alexis had forgotten her library books and was upset about it. So, the teacher stopped sending her to the nurses office and would distract Alexis by telling her she needed her to stay and read to the class since she was one of the strongest readers. That helped. But, as the teacher and I talked throughout the year...we both knew the tummy aches continued.

I was at the Doctor's office in January during an urgent care appointment for Owen (you'll be able to read about that in Part 3 of our Heath Issues...coming soon.) Alexis was with me and her bout with tummy aches had been pretty bad that week. So I mentioned it to the Doctor. That's when I got asked a few questions...and with each question I felt worse and worse!

They started off by weighing her. She hadn't gained weight in a LONG time, over a year. That concerned the Doctor. Shouldn't I have known that!

Does she tell you she's starving and then take one bite of food and tell you she's not hungry anymore or her tummy hurts?

Yes...and it's frustrating.

Does she sometimes eat a ton of food and then tells you within minutes that she's starving?

Yes....also frustrating.

Has she stopped eating food she used to eat?

Yes...hamburgers and pizza...also frustrating when we want to eat out.

That's about when I caught on to the fact that all these things that frustrate us about Alexis...are ALL TIED TOGETHER!

He told us, "Well, I'm pretty sure she has Gastero-enteritis. But, we have to do some testing to rule out some other bacterial problems first."

What...there is a name for what she has? You can only guess how big I felt in that room. Mom of the year, huh? Or, I should say "Mom of the Year for the Last 2 Years" since I let it go on that long without doing a thing.

So, after 2 years of tummy aches, some testing and a stool sample...(Chad did tell me I deserved an award for that since he didn't think he could EVER do that)...we had a diagnosis for the "tummy aches." Gastero-enteritis. For now, we only give her meds if her tummy is acting up. She hates the medicine and it's not a daily occurrence...but when it hits, it hits hard for about a week or two.

I felt like a horrible Mom for a while. But, then I was I to ever know everything was tied together? I would have never guessed nor had I known anyone who had a child diagnosed with this problem. And, well, some of the problems just seemed so normal with kids. So, I'm just happy we have a way to control the tummy aches.

Now, I'm off to lay by Alexis in bed. Because she just came in to tell me how scared she is because there is a shadow by her door that's NOT moving. I rest my case!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ryder's 1st Swim

I took the kids to swim team practice today. You're going to want to ask me some questions about let me help you.

Ask me why I had to quickly find someone with a swim diaper and borrow it?

Because Owen decided to plunge himself into the pool for a swim in all of his clothes. Then he proceeded to throw a screaming fit because he didn't care that he didn't have a swim diaper on. There was no time to get one out of the was urgent I borrow one right away. There were enough people watching me wrestle my child as it was.

Luckily, Alexis' practice didn't start yet so she played with him on the steps (5 feet from where I was.) Then she took him to the kiddie pool (15 feet from where I was sitting.) I was watching him like a hawk...even though Alexis was next to him.

Now...ask me why my clothes are all wet?

That's because Alexis decided to swim under the 2 feet of water in the kiddie pool to the other side leaving Owen alone. She's under water so I can't scream for her to stop. Owen looses his footing and can't figure out how to stand instinctively I sprint the 15 feet to save him. Only...I slip as I run through the kiddie pool. Picture the classic "slip on a banana" type of fall...only in a kiddie pool. Remember I was in a full out sprint. So I fall on my back in the pool...but gain my footing quickly and grab Owen! Who was perfectly fine because I rescued him right when I saw the problem. Forget not wanting all the attention on me! might be wondering "that stories great and all but why did you title this post Ryder's 1st swim?"

I will gladly answer that! Here is where this story really gets interesting.

I was actually nursing Ryder when it all went down:

-Alexis swims to the other side of the kiddie pool
-Owen looses his footing standing in the middle of the kiddie pool
-I sprint from my chair...while still nursing Ryder under a white muslin blanket
-I slip and eat it straight on my back in the kiddie pool while nursing Ryder under a blanket
-Ryder is forced to un-latch by the fall
-Ryder starts screaming under the muslin blanket
-All while I grab Owen from the pool and drag my drenched body, Owen and an un-happy Ryder out from the middle of the kiddie pool.

Are you laughing yet? Don't you wish you could have seen it in person? I'll help you change your mind!

Now, I was wearing a very loose cotton skirt. So you know what happens when a loose cotton skirt with no drawstring gets wet and you don't have any free hands to hold it up because you are holding your almost drowning son in one hand and a nursing infant in the other! Luckily, my sister said my shirt only flipped up in the back about 10 inches and the skirt when down a bit...but not all the way. The 40 adults I don't know at swim team were standing behind me and got that view! I'm just glad I wear the underwear I do because if I wore thong underwear...I'm sure I would have heard loud gasping, hyperventilating or maybe even some people puking. Phew! At least I found something positive to say about this span of events that occurred in 10 minutes! And the front side...luckily I was facing towards all the people I know. They claimed I didn't flash them. Ryder and the blanket somehow stayed put in the "general area."

I'm still not sure whether I should laugh or be embarrassed. But I can't help but wonder if some mom's thought to themselves... "And that's why we don't have as many children as those Mormons!"

I did stay for the remainder of practice which was another hour long. I had to finish feeding Ryder, Alexis was just starting practice...and luckily my clothes weren't see long as they didn't fall down! At least I had a good story to tell Chad when I got home.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sassy and Sweet I love my girl! Yes, at times she can be quite a sassy little thing. But those times are managable because they come between the times where she is the sweetest most thoughtful daughter I could ever ask for!

Today, Chad had left to take Carter to his T-ball game. We were joining them when the game started. I asked Alexis to watch Owen downstairs while I fed Ryder upstairs.

She's quite the little mommy and LOVES holding her brothers. I was the same way when I was her age...I always wanted to hold babies and I hated that I didn't have a younger brother or sister.)

I heard a bunch of moving of chairs and such but I knew Owen was in good hands. Just as I was finishing up feeding Ryder I heard the vacuum turn on. I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear when I heard that sound. I went downstairs to find she had cleaned all the toys in the family room, straightened the couch pillows, cleared the dinner table, wiped it down, vacuumed and was putting all the chairs back.

You better believe she got the biggest hug and kiss after a sweet act like that. It made my day.
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Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's not's me!

Sure, I can sew and craft. But, photography...not a chance.

Yesterday we tried another photo shoot. This is the best picture I got. Can you tell he was frustrated with me?

I even had him sleeping part of the time and still couldn't get a good picture. I don't have cute pictures of any of my kids as newborns. I get so jealous when people get to have the coolest pictures taken of their newborns. Either I need to win a giveaway on a blog for a photo shoot or I need to run into more money!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ryder Edwin Pitt

Weighing in at...8lbs 13 oz! That's 2 lbs heavier than my other kids.

I'll save the birth story for another post. It's taken me longer than usual to get this up because I've been extremely tired. The Doctors were very concerned about my iron level and it's definitely had an effect on me. We are working on getting it back up. But we are all healthy and doing great. And just like the rest of my births...I loved it and wanted to do it again. The birth part...not the pregnancy.

Doesn't he have the best hair ever?

He wasn't up for this photo shoot before leaving the hospital! I'll try again soon since he changes so much every day. The biggest difference are his eyes. They were so swollen the first couple of days. I did get around to making this cute shirt for him Thursday afternoon before he was born. We love him so much.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

I scared away the baby.

I had decided to work this week since I still hadn't had the baby. Tuesday night I was up all night with contractions. Strong ones. But they weren't very close together.

When I woke up Wednesday (my long work day) I felt a lot of pressure and called my sister to let her know I might be calling her to come into work for me if I went into labor at work.

After I called my sister, I told Alexis to get dressed for school so I wouldn't be late for work. I mentioned she had to wear shorts. She has a fetish with skirts and dresses and it drives me crazy because once she starts wearing them more than once a week to school...she refuses to wear anything else.

It's a constant battle.

So when she walked out of her room in a nice white skirt after I had told her to wear shorts I told he she better change into shorts FAST!

Next, she came out in a frilly puffy church dress. I almost lost it...but refrained and told her she had 2 minutes to get shorts and a shirt on or she would be in big trouble.

I went in her room after 2 minutes. She had pink, yellow and orange plaid shorts on. FINALLY. However, she did not have on a shirt.

That's when the complaining of..."that shirt itches me, that shirt is too hot, I don't like that shirt"...all began. I'll let you in on another small detail: We went through her shirts 2 weeks ago because I was so sick of having shirts in her drawer that she NEVER wears. She let me get rid of 2 shirts!

So you can imagine my frustration. I gave her a few options of shirts. She grabbed a completely different shirt...a purple heart shirt! Being the control freak I am I told her she could not wear it because it did NOT match. (AT ALL)

Then she said this in her whiniest voice, "Why does it have to match. You always make me match...match...match!"

AND...I lost it! I threw the shirts at her. Slammed her dresser drawer. Told her (ok, ok...screamed) I would no longer take her to school...and she could sit in her room all day! Then I might have slammed the door on my way out...just to prove a point, of course.

Chad met me at the stairs and asked what was going on and he went up to deal with Alexis. He told me just to go to work and he would get her to school. He ended up taking her to school late because she was a hysterical mess.

Meanwhile, I got in my car and went to work. And that's when I realized something.

I felt normal again. No pressure. No more contractions. I completely scared this baby and I pictured him either crawling back up into my ribs or spreading his arms and legs wide like a star fish...thinking, "There is no way I'm coming out to that lady today. She's crazy!"

And I sit. Still pregnant. 7 days late.

Monday, April 4, 2011


No baby. I woke up this morning and this is what Carter looked like. I started laughing.

Alexis asked, "What happened to Carter's eye?"
Of course we have no clue.
Then she enthusiastically reminds Carter it's his birthday tomorrow.

He exclaims, "Yea...but I'll still have THIS EYE for my birthday!"

I told him we love him with THAT EYE too.
I don't know if it helped because then he asked if he could please stay in the car when we took Alexis to school.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Perspective & Change

Isn't it amazing how something can happen within a day and it changes your feelings about something in an instant. Well, that happened to me on Wednesday. I've been so ready to have this baby. For the first time, I never got that nesting phase for my last month of pregnancy. It was awful. Luckily, Chad has started nesting for us. If I listed all the things he's just done without me asking it might bore you...but it's a lot...and it's made me super happy because I've been really frustrated with how tired I am all the time.

Anyhow, I'm ready...but my house may not be. Sunday night, Owen had some goop in his I immediately called my brother and made him prescribe me pink eye medication. It looked like he could possible be coming down with it and that is the last thing I need with a newborn. Monday morning Carter woke up with it too. By Tuesday, both their eyes where clear. The medicine worked fast and we continued to give it to them to make sure it was gone.

Wednesday, I went to work. When I picked up Owen from Chad's mom's house...he looked terrible. Probably, up there with the sickest I have ever seen one of my kids. His eyes were swollen...with nasty thick yellowish green goop in his eyes, he had a fever, was grumpy, wouldn't eat and looked down right awful. I immediately called to get him into a pediatrician that night. I had to drive over 30 minutes to get him in that night but I didn't care. It was torture. I was due in 2 days. I had worked 9 hours. And now all he wanted was for me to hold him while he cried. Not to mention his fever was making me so hot I wanted to pass out. Unfortunately, he had come down with a quick onset of Bronchiolitis. Every time he coughed more of that nasty goop would come out of his eyes. It was disgusting. He had to get a thick shot in his thigh because he had a bad ear infection too. That needle was so big. I felt bad for him...and that is coming from someone who gives people injections all the time. It looked way too big! He is on oral steroids, eye drops, breathing treatments and of coarse IB profin. Luckily, I was able to choose to have the shot so we didn't have to give him antibiotics every day. He's horrible with taking medication. Oh and...the Dr. warned us...he CAN NOT be around a newborn for 10 days.

So within hours of getting home from work...I went from wanting this baby to come out wanting him to stay in there for at least a week. It took every ounce of strength I had left in me that day to not start crying. Luckily, for me...the baby decided it's best to stay put...and the due date has passed and he's still not here. I never in a million years thought I'd be happy about that...but I really am.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Typical Carter

Today started out as a normal Sunday...but that didn't last long. We were finishing up getting ready for church. I got the kids ready first and I knew I was short on time. Chad usually takes his car because he has a meeting right after church. But, today, Chad saw I needed a few more minutes so he said he'd take the kids and I could bring his car. I was about 3 minutes behind him. I was just about to our church building and I see a bunch of cars lined up 1/2 a mile before the building. I thought it was road construction and got over in the far lane. That is, until I noticed a white mini-van pulled over with it's hazards on and my husband and kids getting into a small car with a man from our church.

I knew immediately...he ran out of gas. Whoops.

So, I took the kids into church and Chad went to get a gas can at home since the car needed to be moved asap.

Sacrament meeting with an 18 month old is not super fun when you are due in 5 days. Owen was such a pill...trying to crawl under my legs to run around, spitting out name it. And of course, Alexis being the little mommy she is couldn't stay in her seat because she wanted to solve the problem and hold and entertain Owen. She meant well...but it was only making matters worse. Owen was getting more vocal in his frustration so I had to take him out leaving my kids alone. Halfway through the sacrament Alexis comes out because "she needed to go to the bathroom." I told her we try not to leave the room during the sacrament unless it's an emergency and told her she needed to stay and wait till it was over to go back in.

When Owen finally calmed down...which was honestly 15 minutes after the sacrament...I took him back in to sit by my kids. After a few minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder. The girl behind my whispers this in my ear.

"I just thought you should know your boy (Carter) sat so quietly all by himself during the sacrament. Your daughter left to go to the bathroom after the bread and when the water came by Carter quietly whispered to the boy handing him the water that his sister went to the bathroom and he needed to get one for her. So, he grabbed 2 waters. Drank one himself and sat holding the tiny water cup with 2 hands so focused not to spill it for at least 8 minutes. It was so cute."

I was impressed with Carter but not surprised in the least's so him.

Our home teacher came over to give us a lesson tonight and told Carter they talked about him in Young Men's today. He was confused. Apparently, word spread about Carter's sweet act (not by Chad or I) and they used his example in a lesson on the importance of the sacrament.

Carter was smiling from ear to ear when he heard how impressed people were with him. I love that he really does try to think of other people!

Monday, March 21, 2011


You know you have completely brainwashed your kids into being a member of this tooth family when the threats at night become:

"Alexis, if you don't get your pajama's on and teeth brushed in 3 minutes...I am not going to pull out your tooth tonight."

You better believe she started moving really quick! She's been begging for weeks for me to pull it out.

And yes, I completely realized after I said it that if anyone would have overheard my threat they would have thought we were crazy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seriously Kidding Me

The conversation I just had with Alexis 2 minutes ago was too funny not to document. She's supposed to be long asleep and I thought she was when suddenly she pops her little head into the kitchen where I am dishing myself up some ice cream.

Alexis: "Are you seriously kidding me? You said we didn't have ice cream."

"We didn't have ice cream yesterday. Daddy just picked some up. Maybe, if you can get to bed and be good you can have some tomorrow. What are you doing down here anyways?"

"I just came to tell you I hate my nose!"

"Really? Should we cut it off?"

(as she is walking to the stairs) "No! I just wish Jesus never invented snot."

(from the other room as she goes upstairs) "Well, I guess you can talk to Jesus about that when you get to heaven."

(Hollering from the top of the stairs) "Yah...but I'm not going to heaven for a long time!"

That's that. Conversations over. She went to bed. I'm still laughing.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

What color will they be?

I remember when Chad and I got married...well, long before we got married, we always wondered what color eyes our kids would have. Everybody, my parents, all 6 siblings and spouses...have BLUE eyes. So Chad was an outsider coming in with his brown eyes. Which is so funny because you know a Pitt when you see them by their big brown eyes. So, naturally...we wondered with our 2 dominant family genes what we would have. I knew blue eyes were recessive...but being that I have strong genes for blue eyes and Chad's mom has hazel eyes...I figured we might get a blue or hazel eyed child in there with Chad inheriting that recessive trait.

I never would have guessed I'd have all 3:
(Pictures taken by my college roommate, Jamie. She is so talented. I love them!)

The crazy thing is they all had blue eyes up until they were about 1 years old. Alexis' slowly changed but Carter's changed rather quickly to a dark brown like Chad's. I don't anticipate Owen's will change with how crystal blue they are.

So, now that we have all 3 colors the question is....What will this next boy have or what will they turn to around 1?

Monday, February 14, 2011


I was sitting in church on Sunday with Chad, Alexis and Carter in Big Bear. (Owen was napping at Grandma's.) It was nice to have one Sunday where we weren't wrestling Owen and trying to entertain him and keep him quiet.

We were singing the opening hymn and I just sat there for a while singing but, really, listening to my husband's voice. There are a lot of things I love about Chad...and his voice is one of those things I REALLY love. I always have. But there is usually that little 15 month old distraction so I don't hear him singing that often. He used to sing duets on his mission...but he's somewhat shy singing in public especially if all eyes are on him. He does not realize how incredible his voice is. So, basically his voice goes under the radar and not many people know how well he sings and how it just melts my heart.

As he was singing and I was thinking the above...I had a major flashback.

Going way back...

20 years ago, during one of our big stake productions my friend and I would hurry and get ready for our next number so we could sneak into the back of the cultural hall where no on could see us to see our favorite number. We did this every show night since we didn't have to be on stage yet. The number was sung by a Dad I didn't know at all...he sang "In The Jungle" from The Lion King. The song gets super high and this guy was so good at singing it. I remember telling my friend..."wouldn't he be the coolest Dad ever!"

I was 12 years old at the time.

Almost 20 years 31...I am sitting next to that Dad's son in church realizing...I got my wish. "That Dad" that I loved sneaking off and listening to back when I was 12 is now my father-in-law. And my husband inherited that heart melting voice from his Dad. I didn't even know he had sons at the time. I met Chad 3 years later when I was 15 and we started dating at 17. Who would have thought?

Basically, I felt like a pretty lucky girl sitting in church listening to my husband sing yesterday. I love flashbacks like that.

Happy Valentines Day

So...we just got back from a fun filled weekend in Big Bear. We were going to come home last night but my sister talked us into staying and having Chad and the kids go snow skiing with them today. We went up there and stayed with Chad's Grandma who lives there. My brother-in-laws family has a cabin there too and a bunch of couples from our ward were all going out there for the weekend to hang out. We got to go to hang out with them and spend some time with Big Bear Grandma so it was a good weekend. She spoiled us like no other. Let's just say we came home and loaded our fridge and we didn't even go to the grocery store. Plus, she picked up some toys for our dog from Costco because she knew we'd be bringing her. (Costco is an hour away...down the mountain.) Roxy loved them...and she loved Big Bear.

The kids played in the snow with their cousins and a bunch of other kids in our ward the first day. On Saturday night my sister's older kids watched all of the younger kids (18 little ones to be exact) we could all go out on a date. It was super fun. There were so many fun people there...we laughed all night. Sunday we relaxed with Grandma, went to church with our huge clan and made dinner.

And today...we got up bright and early so everyone could get on the slopes. Alexis and Carter have only been snow skiing once a few years ago....and we took them between our legs. This year my sister and Chad got them skiing on their own almost immediately. They loved it. Chad came home a few hours before they closed and said the kids could have kept going but his legs killed from skiing slow next to the kids. I guess Alexis felt pretty independent because she kept sneaking off to get on the lifts on her own.

I, of course, wasn't able to go...not just because I really stink at snow skiing but seeing as I will be having a baby in 6 weeks it wouldn't have been pretty. So, I told the other couples to go have fun and stayed home with all the little ones. It was a pretty smooth day considering for much of the day I had FIVE 1 year olds...then joined later that afternoon by Four 4 year olds who were pooped out on the slopes...oh yeah...and the 3 dogs on the balcony who kept wrestling each other. I changed 5 poopy diapers and picked up 3 dog the babies down for naps and rotated the dogs in their kennels for naps and lunch. That might sound weird but my sister's dog and my dog are still just puppies. When Chad came to their cabin to meet up with me towards the end of the day he totally cleaned up their kitchen, took their trash out, and drove 4 bags of trash down to the dump downtown before they all got home. I don't know if they will even know it was him. I'm only bragging because I was so impressed. He was tired...and really...none of the mess was ours since we weren't staying there. He just happily did it to be nice. Isn't he the best! All the couples were super appreciative that they got to be out on the slopes and not have to rotate taking care of the babies...but really...if any of the other Mom's were prego they would have done the same thing. I was just impressed I was able to deal with 8 poop turds and be somewhat ok with it....especially when 7 of the them weren't from my own child.

Bottom Line: I'm glad my sister talked us into kids had so much fun and Chad said it was fun seeing how fast they caught on. The funny thing was Chad resisted doing it because he felt bad I couldn't go...but honestly, I would rather they go have fun together. Sure I'd love to go...but we will go again sometime and I'm looking forward to a healthy baby in a few weeks. That makes it all worth it.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Book of Mormon

A few months ago, Alexis asked me if she could take her Book of Mormon to school with her to read during free reading time. She got a lot of questions as to what she was reading by the other first graders in her class at the beginning. Months have passed and she still takes it with her. If she forgets it...which is rare...she will remember in the car and she gets so sad she forgot it. About 2 months ago, she came home from school with an important question:

"Mom, I can't believe Nephi put on Laban's underwear!"

"What!? He didn't! He put on his clothes to look like him so people would think he was Laban."

"Nuh-uh. It's says in the scriptures...he put on "Laban's Garments?
(She lets out a loud giggle) Isn't that his underwear?"

Super funny...but definitely needed some explaining on "garments" having 2 meanings.

2 thoughts:

1. My 7 year old daughter reads the Book of Mormon on her own...with NO push from us.

2. My 7 year old daughter really reads it...and pays attention to what she's reading! What?

She amazes me!

Alexis' 7th Birthday

We woke her up bright and early before school to give her our present on her birthday, December 8th.
A jewelry box she's been begging for. Now...she just needs some jewelry.
I worked on her birthday AGAIN! Alexis was really upset I was working. And to be honest, I was really frustrated too because it seems I always have to work on my kids birthdays. When my sister found out Alexis was so upset...she volunteered to split 1/2 day if I'd split with her the next week. DEAL! It made her so much happier. I picked her up from school and had her 2 cousins, Emily and Chelsea come home with her. They pretty much played in the jacuzzi all was great.

She really wanted to go OUT to dinner on her birthday. She picked Ruby's on the pier. We never go there so we were surprised she thought of that. It was really good. But how can a dinner not be good when it's paired with a shake? Can you tell she was a happy camper? She and Carter were doing some sort of happy dance walking down the pier towards Ruby's. Then, later that weekend we celebrated her birthday with Chad's family. Alexis got a really cool art set from Chad's parents with chalks and all sorts of fun things. Chad's Dad and sister are incredible they were showing Alexis all sorts of tricks with chalk., oh, my...Alexis is in a dress up outfit. A daily occurance in this house!
We celebrated both Chad's sister, Katie's birthday and Alexis' together. Alexis told me what ice cream cake she wanted: Yellow cake, Thrifty's Chocolate Malted Crunch Ice Cream and Chocolate frosting. YUM! I think she enjoyed herself. What we love about Alexis:

-She is often found laughing and giggling. She seems to always get that award at school. I even found a note from a boy at school in her backpack the other day that she had no clue about that said, "Dear Alexis, Why are you always laughing? Love, ----" (I can't remember the boy's name.)
-She is a huge help with Owen. When I was pregnant with Owen and we found out we were having a boy...Alexis threw herself under the dinner table crying. Now, we are having another boy...and her response is typical of her these days: "I don't care if it's a boy or girl...It's a baby and I just can't wait to hold him." She begs to be the one to get Owen out of feed him and ride him on her scooter. It's the best relief a mother could ask for.
-I can really trust her. She's so good with Owen I know I can leave her in charge of him in the playroom while I get dinner on and she will watch and play with him. She's going to be a great babysitter when she's older.
-School's seems to come pretty easy to her. She's self motivated and does most of her weeks homework in the first night.
-When I pick her up from school she is the last one out. The teacher will call her name a few times before her teacher will either apologize to me or she will tell Alexis she doesn't have to keep helping and that she can go home. Pretty much every time...she is getting all the chairs up and on her hands and knees picking up trash when all the other kids have gone. To be honest...I can wait all day if it's for things like that. It's not because she's in trouble and there's never a reward from her teacher. Her and her cousin do it just because.

We LOVE you Lexi-lou! You make our family happy...and always keep us smiling.