Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All is calm...

because it wasn't for the past few weeks around here.

I have lots of catching up to do on this blog...but it must wait until after Christmas.

Chad's Birthday
Planning and throwing our ward Christmas party
Alexis' Birthday
Chad studying like crazy for the GMAT (that's been going on for months!)
I've been working longer hours
...and of course getting ready for Christmas.

I've tried to stay positive. I've tried to be happy. But I must admit...I'm pregnant and there have been emotional outburst.

-Chad wasn't doing as good on his GMAT practice tests as he would have liked.
-6 days before the ward Christmas party Chad and I overheard people complaining about our plans for our "Polar Express Christmas Party" and the fact that we requested..."wear your pajamas." The words that were expressed very loudly were "this has got to be the lowest of lows for our ward" while reading our flier. That hurt. I'll spare you the details of how I let the Relief Society have it during my announcement and burst out of the room crying! Let's just say when I got in the car after church Chad's jaw dropped when I told him! Then he started busting up laughing. Lots of people commented on it being my pregnancy...but I can hands down say...Chad and I were both hurt. When you put so much time during the holidays into throwing a ward just wish people would be grateful.
-Chad was extremely ill and in bed for 4 days prior...just when I needed him most with getting ready for the ward party.
-I was asked to host the dinner at my house for the Relief Society Progressive dinner. I was excited because I needed an excuse to really clean my house and because they were doing all the work for the dinner. At the appetizer house the cups were to who's house was whose. I thought that was weird because usually you don't know who's house you are going to until you have picked your color. Guess how many people picked my color...Yes...labeled..."Amber's house." TWO!....You bet I was holding back the tears! But then they came like a flood when I was alone with my husband that night.
-My Christmas cards didn't come when they were supposed to and the company failed to let me know they were behind. Finally they came 6 days before the wrong house an hour away. You bet your bottom I drove in the horrible rain to get them. (I passed 5 really bad accidents on the freeway if that begins to tell you how bad the rain was.) I literally stuffed and licked 100 envelopes in 12 minutes and put them in the slot at the post office at 4:59pm Monday night!

but guess what...I let that frustration out by doing physical labor around my's never been cleaner!

The the really good news...
-I didn't have snot running down my mask at work today! First time in 2 weeks.
-Chad did AWESOME on his GMAT Monday night. He said it was harder than any practice test he took and considered not finding out his score...thus the score wouldn't be sent to the schools...but thankfully he did. He scored 80 points higher than any test he ever took and is now competitive to get into the top schools he's applying for. Whoo hoo!

*I wrote this back in early December and never posted it. was pretty honest of our life during those for documents sake and the fact that I obviously needed to it is.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Essentials and Extras

Chad was really sick on Sunday. I was not looking forward to church alone with 3 kids. Especially, since Owen has been a pill in Sacrament Meeting recently. I only had to take Owen out once. I was avoiding that as much as possible out for fear of how my children would act if I left them alone in the pew.

When I came back from taking Owen out...he was still a pill but not screaming.

At one moment, he decided to sit still on my lap...for like 3-5 minutes straight. I was so grateful to be able to zone in on a friend who was bearing her testimony. We never hang out but she has become so important to me. Her baby had the same intolerances as Owen...and without her I don't think I could have survived it all. Now she is my visiting teacher and I love that.

During those few minutes that Owen decided to sit still I had my ah ha moment. She was talking about how complacency is never good. And recently she has felt complacent not realizing it was all that bad. (Seriously, don't we all feel that way!) But she said she realized she should always be challenging herself and trying to improve her life on a daily basis...and that would be the opposite of complacent. She talked about these two words that kept ringing in my ear: Essentials and Extras. When I've thought of those words in the past I've thought of physical belongings. I hadn't really thought about applying those words in my personal life.

It made me wonder...what do I view as ESSENTIAL and what do I view as EXTRA in my life?

She made it clear that she feels she gets these 2 mixed up all the time. (Don't we all?)

Do I make time to watch TV? Yes
Do I make time to read my scriptures everyday? NO

Questions like that were racing through my head. I don't think I'm choosing one over the other in the moment...but really that is what I do when looking back. I was disappointed in myself yet I felt moved to make a change. I realized I need to re-evaluate my priorities more often. They all too easily get jolted and mixed up. And that is not ok. By the end of her testimony...I had tears streaming down my face. Not tears of depression but tears of wanting to change.

This may sound lame but for me it was such a great moment...I never want to forget it. Because I don't know that last time I felt so moved to change by someone's testimony. And the fact that it was the only 5 minutes Owen wasn't being a terror during the 3 hour block says something to me. I was supposed to hear it.

So, here's to making some important changes and sorting through my essentials and my extras.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Halloween 2010

I was going to make my kids costumes again but really didn't feel it. They both wanted to be something that seemed so time consuming so I talked them into being "The Incredibles" since it's the last year our family would be perfect for it.
We borrowed Alexis and Carter's costume. Alexis' wig is a witches wig...but turned to the side to make it a side part and I cut the hair shorter. I just made the logos out of felt for the red shirts Chad and I wore. Because, heaven help us, you would have fainted at the sight of us in spandex. My wig was a punk rockers wig that my sister cut into a bob minutes before we walked out the door. I think she did a mighty fine job. I just happened to have a red sleeper for Owen in the right size. Random. The kids got way into it and really enjoyed us dressing up as a family. I think they've watched the movie every day since that night. No joke.

We had the movie playing in our car while everyone came by trick or treating. That was Chad's great idea. However, Chad also won two other battles. He insisted we use black face paint for the mask. I wanted to use toll paints since they dry and don't smear. And he would NOT let me paint Owen's face! Next time I will win those battles. But I guess I can't complain too much...he did agree to dressing up and spraying his hair yellow...that is HUGE for him.
These pictures were taken Saturday night at our ward trunk or treat. Being Activities Chair I was in charge of it. Luckily, it was combined with two other wards so we all worked together. It ended up being pretty low stress since they do a trunk or treat every year. They have fun booths...2 from each ward and there were a ton of cars participating in it. Just as candy ran out some couples from our ward came out to the parking lot to the music of thriller and did the dance full out. It was hilarious and so hard to tell who was who! impromptu kids dance party ensued right there in the parking lot...and the kids loved it.
You better believe my kids were excited to have Chad's family visit us since I couldn't leave our party.
I have to say the kids were super cool about not Trick or Treating on Sunday. We had a dinner here with my sister's and brother's families. I made 24 bread bowls that looked like pumpkins. My sister's made some yummy soups and my brother brought over some sides. After we crushed all the kids candy from the trunk or treat we set up our very own Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory so we could dip our caramel apples in any topping we desired. Sorry, no pictures. I'd like to kick myself for that. But we were enjoying our food and time together!

School Halloween Parties

On Friday before Halloween...Alexis' got to wear her costume to school. But she really wanted to wear her bride costume one more time.
It barely slides over her hips since I did make it to fit her body 2 years ago.

Not only do they wear their costume to school but they get to walk around the track where all the kids Kindergarten-5th grade are seated taking turns showing off their costume.

1. They take their chairs out to the track. 2. They watch all the kids parade by.
3. They strut their stuff. Hmm...not shy at all. I wonder who she gets that from?

1. Brooke: One of Alexis' many cousins in the parade. 2. Very creative...whoever that lego man is. But I felt so bad for the kid. He took baby steps around the whole track and had to take breaks every 20 feet.

Alexis' 1st Grade Class

Later that day I went back to her class to help out with the Halloween party. The kids had a lot of fun and I loved being in her class with her. I remember my Mom being at all my holiday parties so you bet I signed up for those first.

Yes...Alexis P. Because there is an Alexys D. in her class.
But there's more to the story. After the first few weeks of school Alexis came home telling me she didn't want the class to call her "Alexis P" was too close to "Alexis Pee." Like she was 'peeing her pants' she explained to me.

Then the boy next to her had an idea: "Lets call you Alexis Pitt." But she kindly whispered to the boy to NEVER call her that in front of the other kids. "Why?" he asked. "Because then all the kids are going to call me 'arm pit like they did in Kindergarten!"

Then they decided on "Alex." Which is too ironic because Alexis didn't know that is what Chad and I both intended on calling her as a nickname. In fact, that is what we called her throughout my pregnancy. But once her personality started shining through at 6 months "Alexis" seemed more fitting.

But, I can only imagine she NEVER answered to Alex...and so it got changed back to Alexis P. Which she accepts for the time being but isn't thrilled about.

While waiting for the older cousins to get out of school, these girls showed me their new way to swing.

Tiny Baby Shower

Halloween week was a busy one. The Tuesday before Halloween, my friends and I put on a tiny party at our place for a friend who is having a baby. It was super fun.
The invitations were adorable. They were coin envelope size...and started off by saying "Tiny Belly. Tiny Baby. Tiny Party." Why? Because I look more pregnant than her...and she's due any day now. It's quite ridiculous.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Owen's 1st Birthday

This little boy had a Birthday last Thursday, October 28th.
And he turned...
Made the shirt myself via freezer stenciling. I love it. Thanks to Dana from Made for the idea and a totally generous blogger who I don't know named Allie from Really Quite Lucky for the stencil she perfected in photoshop. She sure made my life easier. I love people like that!

The Birthday Boy...
These kids just can't get enough of him and neither can we!
The Decorations...
We decorated our family room a bit. I normally decorate their room in streamers and balloons but I really didn't trust it would all stay up and feared Owen would start eating the to the family room they went.
Alexis was a big help as usual.

The Guests...
We invited Chad's family over for a low key celebration. (My family was all coming over for Halloween in 3 days.) Somehow I missed getting a picture of Chad's sister, Kelli, and her cute family.

The Cake...
Dairy Free cake mix and frosting. (YUCK!) But the important thing was...I was still able to carry on the tradition of making him a mini 3 tier cake for his 1st birthday. Chad says I'm a want-to-be cake decorator...because my lines are all crooked. You got to love husbands! Sure I enjoy making things, even beyond fabric...but I never claim anything I make to be perfect. Ok...fine. Maybe, to my Husband.
He licked the frosting and it seemed like he ate a few bites. But after a little pushing around it just turned into a fun thing to squeeze and drop on the floor.

I made an Oreo Ice cream cake that, of course, had dairy for the rest of us!
Photobucket was really good. And I ate the last huge piece the other day after I had a really mean lady do my ultrasound. This was my real one...I didn't tell her I had gone to one of those cheap places to find out what sex my baby was. Do you want to know what she did after 45 minutes of not talking to me with the screen turned, taking measurements of my baby. She got my husband and looked to see the sex TWICE in 30 seconds and then said...

"Well, I guess this baby will have to be a's' in a horrible position to be able to tell."

"Can't I do some stretches to see if the baby will move?" I say.

"Nope. That won't help! The exit is to your right." And with that she leaves out another door.

GRRR...Chad and I were mad. And I was mad enough to eat the rest of Owen's cake when I got home. There....I'm done with my back to Owen.

The Presents...
Lucky Charms from Alexis and Carter; A mini beach ball from Carter (He just picked that out at the office for getting his cavities filled.)
A train from Kelli, Andrew & Conner; and a Dora and Laurie Berkner Band DVD from Grandma and Grandpa Pitt.

We got him this over-sized Tonka Dump Trunk since he pushes anything and everything around the house.
But you gotta love when your child gets all new presents but goes back to getting into things he shouldn't within a matter of MINUTES!
The boy gets up on the fireplace all day. He sits up there. He plays with his toys up there. He bounces to the music up there. But most of all he likes to get up on his tippy toes and reach into the basket and pull out DVD's...and then he drops them one by one and says, "Uh Oh."

What we love about Owen:
-He shows just about anyone how he can flex his huge muscles. Oh, it's so funny if you haven't seen it.
-He laughs just because everyone else is laughing...and then keeps laughing even when everyone is done.
-When he sees a TV he points to it and says, "Dor Dor." (for Dora)
-He will whack at your spoon if he's done eating and you try to feed him another bite. (I don't love it...but it's so Owen.)
-He LOVES his "Da-Da." Since Chad works upstairs anytime I bring him up to take a nap he yells "Da-Da" down that hall and we just have to go see him first.
-He will haul booty down the hall, up the stairs...where ever...if he hears the bathtub on. He could take a bath or go in the Jacuzzi all day and be the happiest kid in the world.
-He's at least out grown his soy problem. Whoo hoo! Next...we conquer dairy.
-He cheers like crazy at Alexis and Carter's soccer games. He claps and yells non-sense...because that's what we do.
-It freaked me out when his canines (the pointy teeth) grew in before any other teeth. That is super rare. But what's even more rare is that they grew the wrong position...Next to the two front teeth! Now that he has his 2 front teeth he doesn't look quite so vampire-ish. It seemed so odd at first but now I'm used to his unique smile that no one else really notices.
-My absolute favorite thing is that he is so expressive. He loves picking Alexis up from school. He loves his Grandparents. And he especially LOVES when I walk in the door from work. His smile is contagious and it makes me so happy to have him in our family.

Monday, October 25, 2010

School Bullies?

I picked Alexis up from school today. As we were walking to the car she started running in the opposite direction yelling that she needed to talk to some girls. I insisted she come back and tell me why she needed to talk to them.

"Because those girls are really mean to Chelsea and me...and I need to tell their Mom's."

Of course...I didn't let her. So, I wait till we drop her cousins off and I ask her what in the world happened.

"Mom, these mean girls at school keep coming up to us and act all mean telling us we stole their jump rope. But we got it from our classroom. They do it everyday and they keep yelling at us and act all bratty to us."

"Ok. Have you talked with your teacher about this?"

"Yes, we did today. She said to come get her next time they don't stop being mean when we ask. Or ask what their names are and what their classroom number is so we can tell their teacher. But we see them everywhere and I can't stand it. Today we went to the bathroom and they were there. I was so frustrated. Chelsea told me to do my frustrated voice to them like I do when I get mad at her. I just want to be bratty to them because they are so bratty to us."

"Alexis, do you think that's the right thing to do? Think about how Jesus treated all those people who were mean to him. Was he mean back? I don't want people to be mean to you. Nor should you let them. But being mean back is not going to make them stop. I think you should do as your teacher said so they can help stop them from being mean to you."

"Mom I don't want to be mean. I really don't. But I feel so frustrated when they talk all mean and they never say please or use any manners. Today, I just wished Dad could have been there."

"Why would you want Dad to be there?"

"Because you know when I've done something bad...and Dad spanks me? He spanks so hard and it hurts and I just wish he could be there to spank those bratty girls."

This is where I immediately turned my rear view mirror to prevent her from viewing me laughing HYSTERICALLY!

What to do...what to do? Should we send Chad to spank those bratty girls for her?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

In case you haven't heard...

We are expecting another baby on April Fools Day of 2011!
I hadn't blogged about it yet because 1)If you can't tell by the lack of post...I've been super sick and 2) My pregnancy got leaked on darn facebook before I could announce it here or tell my sisters and friends. GRRR!

So the most exciting part is...I waited to post something till I knew what we were having...and it looks as though we are creating a basketball team here. Another BOY! The kids are super excited. No tears this time. Woo hoo!
(And just in case you needed's quite obvious!)
I just love this picture of our little guy below...He's got his leg all stretched out in his tiny little living space like..."Alright, if I'm going to have to stay here for awhile I might as well make myself comfortable!"

So we are super excited around here. Owen will only be 17 1/2 months when this baby is born so things should get interesting around here.

Now...we just need a name. I like to pick it early enough and call my baby by it's name throughout my pregnancy problem...Chad and I don't agree on any names for once!

And in case you were wondering...Yes it was planned.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fart Football

My husband emailed this to me today. How can something so disgusting be so funny to us? I don't know...but it's hilarious.

An old married couple no sooner hit the pillows when the old man passes gas and says, 'Seven points.'

His wife rolls over and says, 'What in the world was that?'

The old man replied, 'It's fart football.'

A few minutes later his wife lets one go and says 'Touchdown, tie score.'

After about five minutes the old man lets another one go and says, 'Aha. I'm ahead 14 to 7.'

Not to be outdone the wife rips out another one and says, 'Touchdown, tie score.' Five seconds go by and she lets out a little squeaker and says, 'Field goal, I lead 17 to 14.'

Now the pressure is on the old man. He refuses to get beaten by a woman, so he strains real hard. Since defeat is totally unacceptable, he gives it everything he's got, and accidentally poops the bed.

The wife says, 'What the heck was that?'

The old man says, 'Half time, switch sides.'

Monday, September 20, 2010

1st Grade

Alexis started 1st grade 3 weeks ago.
Here she is on her way out the door for 1st day of 1st grade.

She couldn't have been more thrilled to go!
A NEW school. A NEW teacher. NEW friends.

But don't feel too bad for all the NEW-ness...she is in the same class as her cousin, Chelsea.

Remember, back in this post, when I told you about how dangerous these two can be. They are competitive yet the best of friends. When they were in soccer camp last summer together they were slide tackling each other. NO JOKE! At 5 years old. And when Alexis didn't fall down when Chelsea slid tackled her she started doing the bicyle...something her mother (18 months older than me) did to me whenever she was mad at me! Is it genetic of taught? Must be genetic since I don't remember Mindy doing it to me since Middle School. Anyhow, you can imagine Mindy and I considered talking to the teacher about them...but we thought...NO, they need to understand if they mess up they will be split. And they don't want that.

Even worse than being in the same class...look at where they sit!

3 weeks into it...I finally decided to ask the teacher about them at pick-up one day. I figure the kids had to have spilled the beans by now. And according to their teacher: "They are 2 of the most well behaved kids in the class. In fact, they are really good for each other. They keep each other working hard and they pick each other up when they are down."

Mindy and I were a little shocked...but pleased, too.

Okay...but that's not all. In the other 1st grade class next to them is another cousin, our sister, Jillyn's daughter! All 3 in 1st grade! So fun. (Next year we each have a Kindergartner going in too!) So these 3 get to be together at recess and lunch!

Alexis, Emily and Chelsea after their first day of 1st Grade.
Does it really get much better than this?

Saturday, August 7, 2010


I was reminded the other night of something funny Alexis' said months ago and I totally forgot to write it down.

Carter, Owen and I picked up Alexis from Kindergarten.  She had her head hanging low as she walked towards me and kept walking to leave the Kindergarten area.  Usually she drops her back pack to run and play with friends and I have to pry her off the playground.  Not this day.  This had happened before so I knew what was coming.  How someone called her "arm PITT," a friend left her out, etc.  We've been through it all before and I was expecting tears by the time we got to the car.

As we approach our car, she finally lets it out.

"Mom, I am SOOO sick!"

"What happened?"

"I went to the bathroom at lunch recess and I pooed NUTS."


"Yeah.  But, Mom, I didn't even eat NUTS!  I'm so sick."

I couldn't hold it in.  I just started busting up so hard.  She couldn't believe I was laughing at her expense.  The thing is:  Alexis hates nuts.  She didn't eat them.  And I knew she didn't poo them either.   After I explained how our bodies don't digest corn very well and that it was corn from the corn on the cob she ate the night before she perked up.

"So I'm not sick?"


And she turned back to her happy little self just like that.

Friday, July 16, 2010

What we've been up to:

-I had my sister bring Alexis home from one of the OCMCO concerts and she came running in at 10pm at night screaming, "MOM! MOM! Guess what? Collin Raye KISSED ME!" He came and sang with them for the 4th of July concert and Alexis was more than thrilled to have him twirl her and her cousin, Chelsea, around and kiss them. The sight of my daughter jumping on him is frightening. I'm glad I didn't witness it. Mindy said there was no stopping them. I loved listening to him sing "One boy, one girl." It was on our wedding video and I could listen to that song over and over.

-swim team

-still un-packing (Sounds pathetic, I know. But we have a lot of things going on.)

-taking wallpaper off my parents downstairs bedroom so we can turn it into a playroom. It was necessary. Dark green and maroon wallpaper made it so dark in there. We needed to lighten it up so we don't have to turn the lights on in the middle of the day. However, once we finally got it all unveiled unsightly dry wall. Not just a remove and paint. It was and still is a HUGE undertaking.

-patching up holes in the garage so we can paint it too. (We got our parents permission for all of this in case you were wondering.)

-trying to get Owen to sleep through the night...2 nights he did ok...but then returned to his normal 3 hour wake cycle. I'm not easy either...that kid can scream at the top of his lungs for 2 hours straight. He wears me out.

-completely enjoying this house. The breeze that comes through here is so refreshing. And the pool...even more refreshing. The kids have been swimming every day. Alexis' hair is already a shade of green. At night when I've tucked the kids in bed and it's quiet...I sit in a chair to feed Owen and just look at the beautiful yard and a huge rush of emotion comes over me. I feel blessed and SO grateful to my parents for their sacrifice to serve and even more so to let us move in and take over their home. The kids ride their bikes in the circle and it feels so safe. I have a washer and dryer IN MY HOME. Enough said right there! But really, it doesn't take quarters and no one moves my underwear or cuts in front of me to use the dryer. It's fantastic. My dishwasher is built in. There's tons of cupboard space. And Chad has his man cave. But it's not really a cave. It a ginormous room that he utilizes as an office during the day and a Xbox playing lounge room at night. Man...we feel spoiled. I don't say this to brag...because I definitely know what it feels like to go without...and on some/most days it was REALLY hard. I just feel REALLY REALLY grateful for this opportunity to live here. Almost indebted to my parents...because a HUGE stress lifted from me.

-We got new callings. Just when I thought I had no more meetings on that I have them again and Chad does too! Chad is a ward missionary. He's super excited. A little less time consuming than his last calling. An hour meeting on Sunday and visits one night a week. But the poor guy is dragged into my calling too. Have I mentioned this ward we moved into is a lot bigger than our last ward and a ton more active too. Let's just say that triathlon they put on every Memorial now in the community magazine and considered more of a community event hosted by the FV 3rd ward. So can you guess? Activity Committee Chair. What?!? I understand they feel this is up my ally but a committee consisting of my husband and one other girl just doesn't seem like it will do. They use their auxiliaries to divide the work of each activity. So, we'll see how that pans out. Oh, and their ward council on Sunday isn't 1 hour like my last's 2 hours! I am excited. The ideas are taking over my brain...almost in a not so healthy way.

-We leave in a few days for a trip to the river with some friends. Can't wait!

ONE MORE THING: I'd appreciate being able to read the comments. English comments ONLY or else I'm going to have block you or all comments. They may be nice comments...but I have no clue because I can't read anything but English.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good Things To Come

I stumbled across this video with quotes from my long time absolute FAVORITE talk. TEARS came streaming down my face.

I am not tired, sad, depressed or hungry.

They are happy tears.

Happy tears because I whole-heartedly believe every single word spoken in this video. When I've had hard days I've thought of this talk and the advice given and it literally helps me pull myself together and keep going.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today, was our last day of T-ball. This was the first year for both Alexis and Carter. And, boy, did they love it!
First, my two favorite photos of the season:
Alexis (UCLA Bruins)
Carter (Colorado State Rams)
And here's a few (or more) things I never want to forget about this first season:

How during one of the games Carter kept adjusting his cup (see below: he's in the pitcher position). I was so embarrassed. Then, when we got home he got undressed and yelled out:"MOM, you put my thing on upside DOWN! Chad came in to see how I had put it on...and was dying to say the least. WHOOPS. I learned my lesson. Photobucket
How Alexis would make signs to hold up on the side line cheering Carter's team on. Then she started making signs for her own team for Carter to hold up. Too cute..that girl!
How Carter was OBSESSED with his orange bat. At first he gaurded it with his life. Then he adopted his Dad's "neat freakishness" and would line it up on the fence every time. He did the same with his batting helmet, hat and mitt...when he wasn't using them. He'd tuck his mitt into his hat every time without fail. Always, putting it in the same spot. As for Alexis...unfortunately she adopted my style: throw it'll find it when you need it.
How it's really hard not to snap pictures of the kids when they are in "baseball ready" form. Those bums sticking out are just too cute!
How Chad was such a good coach. He had originally signed up to be Carter's manager but the league asked him to manage Alexis' age group. Then after taking that on there was a misunderstanding and he ended up being a coach for Carter's team too. He never complained or tried to iron out the misunderstandings...he just took it on. The kids loved him. He would always do a cheer with the kids after the game. He'd highlight what kid really excelled in that particular game and he'd give them a treat. I overheard the Mom's and they came to tell me numerous times how much they loved Chad. How they hoped he'd coach next year. And how they wished he would have been their kids coach last year because their boys would have loved T-ball then and would have been such better players had they had Chad all along. Pretty nice compliments if you ask me. Well deserved, too.
How Carter's manager was so pumped about the game. Giving them pep talks all the time. He bought snacks and drinks to every practice for the kids.
How Alexis couldn't help coming over to play with Owen between innings. She loves getting those kisses from Owen. And his legs just go crazy when he sees her walking towards him.
Sometimes, those kisses came with a price...but she didn't mind.
How you always slide into home matter what. And Carter never quite understood how to get that one leg in front of him no matter how hard Chad tried to correct him. He'd scrape up his knees every time.
How Alexis wasn't bothered one bit that she was the only girl on the team. She kept up with the rest of them. Chad really thinks she has a future in softball. Especially, since he asked her what her favorite sport is and she said t-ball. I think he underestimates how smart she is. She must be saying that because he wanted to hear it. Certainly, soccer comes first! Chad will beg to differ.
How Carter "came out of his shell." Even one of the Mom's came up to me today noticing how much he's changed. In the beginning, he'd shy behind Chad or I at practice or games. But now he is so sad it's over. He loves it and loves playing with his friends and giving his coach the biggest hugs after every game. He even won the award of "Best Listener" at his T-ball party today. He really did listen and did whatever was asked of him.Photobucket
How Owen never lacked attention at the games. If Grandma and Grandpa Pitt, Grandma and Grandpa Miller, Uncle Jacob or Aunt Emily weren't holding him on the sidelines...the other Mom's on the team were more than happy to get their hands on him. Rough life, huh?
How Chad taught these kids some really good form!
That about wraps up my favorites. Life gets crazy running from one thing to the next. Swim team started and today was the first competitive swim meet. We literally ran from swim team (8am-10am: Alexis swam in the first 2 events) Then off to Carter's t-ball game (10-11:15) Luckily, Alexis wasn't swimming in events at that time. Then back to the swim meet for Alexis to finish 3 more events. Then back to t-ball for Alexis' last game. And we test drove a car in between since we sold our 4 runner. PHEW, we're pooped!

But it sure is fun to see these kids play. And even more fun when their Dad is coaching them every step of the way. T-ball was a success.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Seriously, how does this happen?

-Work in Alexis' classroom
-Pack up our house (We move in 1 week)
-Buy, cut, package and deliver 25 fruit bowls for swim team
-Father and Sons outing
-have a garage sale
-attend Alexis' swim meet
-Chad coach Alexis' T-ball game
-Chad coach Carter's T-ball game
-Church Building clean-up (Who assigns building clean up to a family leaving in 6 days? We are 1 of 4 families assigned this day.)
-Prepare talks (Chad and I were asked to speak our last Sunday in our Ward)
-Prepare my Temple Prep lesson
-label swim team placement ribbons

All within the NEXT 48 Hours!

Busy is an UNDERSTATEMENT! We cut the Father & Sons outing. Chad promised to take Carter camping another time. And building clean-up...we might have asked that to be waived if they wanted us to talk. There is such a thing as being stretched too thin, right?

Monday, May 17, 2010

Recall on Children's Medicine

Just in case you haven't heard.

A few weeks ago, Children's Tylenol, Motrin, Zyrtec and Benadryl were all recalled. You can read about why on their website. But I thought you should all know so you can get your money back and discard of the medicine you have. It's all the infant and children's syrups of the medications above. Your fine if you buy generic. Those weren't recalled.

Go to this link: CLICK HERE Call the 888 number. I finally got through. Originally, I was told by someone I would receive a coupon to buy more of the same product when they were back on the shelf but when I just gave the guy the numbers off my bottles he said they would be sending me a check in the mail. That's even better. So, before you throw out those bottles...get your money back!

Ashlee...I posted this because I remember seeing your massive stock in these items in your food storage pantry!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

I think Mother's Day is the most rewarding day of the year. I always feel so special and I couldn't imagine my life without these beautiful kids.

On Thursday, Chad told me he wanted to do something nice for me every day of the week but forgot and wanted to start right then. I told him I didn't mind if he continued it into this week so he gets a full week. He obliged! I think my favorite day so far was Friday. I came home to 3 walls of paper hearts...each telling me something different he loved about me. My favorite might be..."I love you for wiping our kids butts." He changes diapers all the time. But he avoids taking Carter to the bathroom like the plague. It made me feel pretty good.

I tried out some crepe recipes earlier in the week because Owen seemed ok when I cooked with eggs in banana bread. Nope, he struggled for a few days with eggs over the skillet like that. I was really trying to avoid having Chad bring me Rice Chex and Rice Milk in bed on Mother's Day. Luckily, I found a fast cinnamon roll recipe (substituting ingredients I can eat) Saturday night and whipped that up so I could indulge in something.
So, Chad served me cinnamon rolls, fresh fruit and OJ. It was good.

We had dinner at my parents house. Chad was quite impressive. Making some incredible guacamole (everyone was asking who made it), providing the rice, and juggling babies so the Mom's could eat first. He's made this week special for me and I appreciate it so much.

I try every day to be a better mother. Some days I succeed. Some days I fail.

Sometimes I ask myself or others ask me...

How can you find the strength to keep on this diet? How do you go through a 10 hour work day, feed my family and my baby, go teach a temple prep class, then sleep a total of 3.5 hours only to go back to work by 6:30 the next morning?

My answer: I look at the example my Mom has been to me and I know I can make it. I may not look pretty. I might still be in my pajamas with greasy hair and sunglasses on hiding the bags under my eyes when I pick Alexis up from school in the middle of the afternoon when all the other mother's have worked out, showered and look their best.

My Mom is an inspiration to me. I know most kids say that about their Mother's, as they should. But, recently, I've been wondering how my Mom did it. How did she have a handicapped daughter and go through a year of Doctors telling her there was nothing wrong? They prescribed my parents sleeping pills to sleep through her screaming. Even after the diagnosis...she continued on being a great mother. She had 3 more kids after that. Then her 6th baby died 2 days before her due date. TWO DAYS. She made my Dad get off work because she felt something just wasn't right. She had just been to the Doctor a few days earlier and heard the babies heart beat. My dad thought she was nuts. But the Doctor told her to come in any way. The babies cord got wrapped in a knot cutting off nutrition to the baby. Back then, they didn't induce you so she had to wait to go into labor. She went to the grocery store after finding out her baby had died only to have people ask, "When are you due?" She'd answer "two days" even though she wanted to say so much more. Then after getting through that...she still had two more kids. (The last one being me.) And was still an involved, supportive and pleasant mother.

On the hardest of this last Wednesday (mentioned above)...I drive myself over to my Mom's house and literally CRY on her shoulder. She always makes it better.

Today she wrote this in my Mother's Day card:

"Hang in there as problems come your way. Pay day is great when it comes. All my love, Mom."

The thing is, I know I've had a pay day. More pay days' than I can count. They may not come in a monetary form. And I may prefer it that way. I'd much rather, in the end, have my pay days come in the form of feeling and knowing I am blessed more than I will ever realize. I really feel like I won the lottery of life to have such an amazing Mother and to have the chance to raise my incredible children. But it wouldn't be fair not to recognize the fact that I have a supportive husband who is by my side every step of the way! I couldn't do without him either.

Here's to may more pay days. Because, today, was a good one. Happy Mother's Day.