Saturday, August 7, 2010


I was reminded the other night of something funny Alexis' said months ago and I totally forgot to write it down.

Carter, Owen and I picked up Alexis from Kindergarten.  She had her head hanging low as she walked towards me and kept walking to leave the Kindergarten area.  Usually she drops her back pack to run and play with friends and I have to pry her off the playground.  Not this day.  This had happened before so I knew what was coming.  How someone called her "arm PITT," a friend left her out, etc.  We've been through it all before and I was expecting tears by the time we got to the car.

As we approach our car, she finally lets it out.

"Mom, I am SOOO sick!"

"What happened?"

"I went to the bathroom at lunch recess and I pooed NUTS."


"Yeah.  But, Mom, I didn't even eat NUTS!  I'm so sick."

I couldn't hold it in.  I just started busting up so hard.  She couldn't believe I was laughing at her expense.  The thing is:  Alexis hates nuts.  She didn't eat them.  And I knew she didn't poo them either.   After I explained how our bodies don't digest corn very well and that it was corn from the corn on the cob she ate the night before she perked up.

"So I'm not sick?"


And she turned back to her happy little self just like that.