Friday, July 20, 2012


It's genetic.  I'm sure of it.

Today, Alexis decided she wanted to make lunch for the kids while they swam.  She pulled out some deli meat from the fridge.

"Ew.  Mom this is so old.  It's been in the fridge for like 10 years!!!!"

"Alexis, we haven't even lived here for 10 years."

"I know.  It just means it's really old." (as she skips her little plates outside)

Wonder wear she got that from.  Someone AMAZING...right?  Someone, who has mastered the art of exaggeration to the point that everyone who knows her says "Get to the point!"

Well, friends, I've created another monster.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sorting Laundry

There is truth in that saying "Laundry: Loads of Fun."  Especially, when you have notes attached with scotch tape & duct tape.  Love it.  Do I dare ask how it "just got on the pillow?"


Monday, April 23, 2012

Baseball Season

Man!  We have been busy.  Mostly, spending our days at baseball and softball games. 
Alexis and Carter usually have 2 games a piece each week.  Sometimes, even 3.  Which puts us at 6 baseball/softball games and 1 soccer game weekly.  It get's pretty crazy around here when you add in their practices, swim team, AYSO spring soccer practices and games, and Club soccer training in full gear.  Throw in some birthday's and a nasty car accident last week...and it's bound to get me behind!  I just found this picture of Carter so I thought I'd better document his unbelievable season in his first year of machine pitch.  He's the youngest and smallest but don't let that fool you.  Inside that quiet little boy is a fierce competitor.  He's on an amazing team with a friend of ours coaching.  It's pretty fun.  And...let's be honest...winning always helps.  The season thus far:



Farm Notre Dame Fighting Irish1100

Not bad, eh?

Monday, April 2, 2012


Just saw this commercial.  I can't stop laughing.  I can watch it over and over and over!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Owen's getting funny

A week ago we were stopped at a stop light.  It had been a long day and we were finally going home to get the boys down for naps.  I looked back at Owen as he was giving in to his heavy eyelids.  I asked him if he was tired just to keep him from falling asleep.  He looked up just as a car honked.  With his eyelids half shut he muttered...

"Mom, they beeping you!"

Sure enough...the light was green and I was being honked at.

A few days later we were going to Carter's baseball game.  Carter and Alexis were fighting in the back seat...A NORM these past few weeks...and it's killing me.  I had a busy day of games without Chad so I said to myself, "Amber, pick your battles today.  This one isn't worth it!"  So I kept my mouth shut and let them fight it out.  They quit fighting within a few minutes.  About 20 seconds after they quit fighting Owen comments.

"Mom, you spank their bums?"

To which I laughed and agreed it was a great idea.  Carter's and Alexis' silence was ended with an eruption of laughter.

I think I should pick my battles more often.