Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reading Area

Another project finished: The Kids Reading Area

I love having the kids coloring corner so much. We've had that area designated as our coloring area for a long time. But once I finished it completely it functioned so much more efficiently...and most importantly it stays clean. So I've been meaning to re-do our little window seat in the kids room. It honestly became the dump all for clean baskets of clothes, things needing mending, things I was too lazy to hang, and the kids toys and games stacked and stacked there. I've always thought it would really be the cutest little reading area. Chad went deep sea fishing yesterday. It was our father's day gift to him. While he was gone all day we made the reading area without him even knowing.


This isn't the best picture but you can see the window seat in the back. We had curtains on a tension rod with the traditional cheap plastic blinds that came with the apartment. They kept getting stuck since they were too big for our was a pain and I hated them. The hard wood seat wasn't very enticing for the kids to sit on.


Chad had taken down the cheap blinds and put up this cute bamboo roll-up two weeks ago.

Yesterday, I shopped for foam to make a window seat. Only to find out the sheets (that were too small anyways) started at $30. I would have needed two of them. And although I had my 40% off coupon I wasn't about to spend that much to make a window seat. So I found out about a place in Santa Ana where they sell duds of foam for $4 a sheet. They weren't all the same size and all of them had something wrong with them...but I didn't care if would cost me $8 for 2 sheets. Then we headed off to the fabric store to get a cute green corduroy fabric. I glued the foam together to make the size I needed then sewed a cover. Somehow I measured just right and it fits perfectly. I also hemmed the curtains for the closets on each side of the window now they don't drag on the floor. I've been avoiding that since the man who built this area made the closets a different width and height.

I was going to sew burlap curtains but it made it look too chaotic once I put up the fabric to see what it would look like. So instead, to keep a more simple clean look, I re-covered some red throw pillows we no longer use with burlap. I may make more pillows when I find my random stash of throw pillows in the garage.

Now, the kids want to hop up on this cozy seat and read all the time. Just what I hoped for! I like how it turned out. And bonus: I scrubbed and cleaned their carpet the night before. So it looks and smells sooo clean! Hmm...someone's nesting!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Don't be sad, Mommy..."

Last Friday was an interesting day. I had an early appointment with my doctor. Mostly to review my recent blood test. No diabetes. That was good news. But the bad new followed. My iron count dropped 2 points again. So now I'm taking 3 iron pills a day...but not during my meals to help with the absorption of it. So, basically, it's making me sick and I raced home from work last night wanting to induce vomit. But if this will prevent me from having 2 ultrasounds a week from here on out and most importantly prevent a blood transfusion after having the baby...then I'll do it.

Chad met me at my doctor's parking lot with my sister's kids in her car plus my kids so I could take them all straight to soccer camp in Aliso Viejo by 9am. Alexis screamed the whole way there saying that she was going to pee her pants. (30 minutes) I was driving safe. Up until we got into my brother's neighborhood where the camp was. Up a steep hill (so I was going slow)...the road came to a "T" a stop sign. Well, I was turning right and I let the screaming get to me. I did the very well known "Califonia Roll" through a stop sign. Slowing down almost to a stop...but not completely. Come on, it was a right turn in a neighborhood. I looked both ways and I ALMOST stopped completely...just no jerk. But a cop was hiding out and got me. I was balling to say the least. My second ticket ever, I'm pregnant, just got bad news from my doctor, emotional and driving my sister's car. Not a good combination. So the tears continued for a good 15 minutes...even with the kids starting their soccer camp. Carter was the only one with me and says this:

"Mommy, you still sad?"

"Yes, I'm still sad, but I'll be ok in a little bit."

"Don't be sad, Mommy! You give the policeman back his ticket and then you feel better."

"Carter, the policeman won't take the ticket back. It's a bad ticket."

(Hard for a 3 year old to understand a TICKET could be bad. The only tickets he's had have been good: Tickets to the water park, Angel game...etc.)

"Mommy, he will take it back. He wants it. Then you be happy!"

Okay, so I still have to pay 150 bucks for it but how could I not cheer up after the innocence in that conversation.

When he asked to see the ticket a few days ago he mentioned giving it back to the policeman again. But this time Alexis was in the car and she set him straight.

"Carter, she can't give it back. It's bad! A bad ticket from a policeman means: DON'T EVER DO WHAT YOU DID EVER AGAIN!"

Hmm...she is right!

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Hypothetically speaking...this conversation might have taken place today at work when I brought a patient back to my room.

"Oh, wow, when are you due?"


"Really, you are not big at all. You aren't even popping out very much."

"Oh yeah. I feel big, so thanks."

"Could I have a pillow to put under my knees?"

"Sure, let me get that for you."

(I turn my back to her and leave the room and come back with a pillow.)

"Amber, I know why you don't look very big yet."

"Really, why?"

"Because you carry it ALL the way around your backside."

No comment from me.

"Now, that's good and bad. Good because you probably don't have back problems from carrying all the weight up front. Bad because you carry the weight EVERYWHERE else."

I laugh an uncomfortable laugh. "Yep. You're right...just a reality that it's not coming out with the baby. Now, how 'bout your teeth!"

In case you all didn't know...I didn't need to be told this to know the truth. The sad thing is...she said it in the sweetest most matter of fact voice.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Duh...didn't you know that!

We've been busy this weekend. Friday night, we went to the Angel game for Mormon night at Angel Stadium. Always a fun tradition. One: because you can totally tell everyone is Mormon with their bags of costco snacks, bermuda shorts, big families and NO BEER. I'm still shocked they let us do it every year. They must loose money when we come. But, second, and most importantly: every year Chad's Dad sings "Take me out to the ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch. We love it.

As we were getting ready for the game this conversation took place.

"Mom, I don't want to wear a long sleeve shirt."
"Alexis, it's going to be colder at the game and that is what you are going to wear."
"Yes, Mom."
(We are working on respect right now and when an instruction is given that is the only acceptable answer.)

We go to the bathroom to do her hair and she says this:
"Mom, do you know why I didn't want to wear this shirt?"
"Because it's so hot and I really wanted to wear a short sleeve shirt and bring a jacket to the game. Then if I was cold I could put on the jacket. You know...that's the whole reason why Jesus created jackets. So if you are hot you can take it off and if you are cold you can put it on. That's why."

Her voice was so sweet the whole time how could I deny letting her change her clothes. She cracks me up when she says these things. The way she said it made it sound like jackets were created in the beginning with Adam and Eve.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lake Powell and the River

We drove 8 hours to get there and Carter literally asked for 3 things: A movie and a piece of bread...twice. Alexis asked a bi-jillion times "Are we there yet?"

This is my mom's parents family reunion. It's happens every year. I've gone since I was 4. Chad and I have only been able to go every couple of years because of the time off work. This year there were: 62 people, 3 houseboats (2 of which we park side by side and tie together), 5 ski boats and 4 jet skis. Fun, huh?

Alexis learned to wake surf on her own.

Of course, Carter didn't want to be left out.

But his real highlight came when he agreed to advance to the tied-together skis. He was a pro.

I LOVE this picture of Chad and Alexis!

Chad and Alexis doing a 360 and this is the shot I end up with. It might just be my second favorite picture because their butt's are so dang cute.

A big perk of boating all day: You never have to fight a nap.

Chad and Carter went to Rainbow Bridge while I stayed in the houseboat with Alexis who spiked a fever for 2 days.

I took the kids on a few jet ski rides and wake's the only thing I can talk Chad into letting me do when I'm pregnant. The boat goes sooo slow so a fall is like jumping in the water. However, on Thursday night I had 2 hours of horrible cramping. (like I did with Carter when I was put on bed rest) I really did not want to make the hour boat drive into Page. So, I talked with my doctor and drank a ton of water. Chad had to time my contractions/cramps for an hour while we laid on our air mattress in the middle of the night on top of the house boat. They didn't go away and the doctor said it was my call. I decided I wanted to wait a little longer. Chad and my Dad gave me a blessing and I literally didn't have another contraction after that. I took caution after that night and took it easy.

The last day. Our family with Grandma and Grandpa Whitehead who made this whole week possible. (And have, annually, for the last 27 years.)

As we drive the houseboat into the Marina we always stop it in the middle of the lake to get one last bath in! There's just something so refreshing about bathing in the middle and sliding down the slide super fast.

Alexis jumped off the top of the houseboat and to this day...that is her favorite thing from our trip.

After unloading the houseboat we got the car packed up and made the 6 hour drive to the river house.

We tested out the 2 new jet skis. Alexis and her poses kill me.

I only went wake surfing twice because I was taking it easy.

Chad hit some golf balls around with my brother on the empty lot next door.

Jumping off the rocks by our dock.

Carter and his cousin, Sadie. Carter got a fever and was out of commission for 2 days at the river.

Alexis, Emily and Chelsea going for a tube run.

Carter loved playing with my brother's boy, Aaron. They get along so well.

I found the girls playing pretend...with real babies.

The highlight of Chad's trip was probably that he is getting closer and closer to landing a 360 while jumping the wake wakeboarding. He actually lands it but can't catch the rope.

The highlight of my trip was watching Chad chase his receipt outside of wal-mart in Parker. He chased it so far and every time he almost had it another gust of wind would blow it in another direction. Then he got it and looked up to find his cart with all our groceries wheeling itself down the parking lot 30 feet away heading for a parked car. So funny. I thought it would send me into labor I was laughing so hard. I had taken the kids to the car to cool it off and pulled up to the front of the store to pick up Chad. I watched him in my rear view mirror the whole time. I kept thinking it was going to end so I wasn't about to leave the car and help him...but he just kept going and going and by that time if I moved I might have peed my pants.

2 weeks later and it's back to reality. I've been cleaning the house all day today. I've been out of commission for the most part Saturday and Sunday because I have horrible rashes...again! It started at the end of our river trip got worse once we got home Friday night. I spent 2 1/2 hours at the doctor on Sunday...another allergic what I do not know. But lets pray these rashes don't stay another 10 months.