Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pitt Family Vacation 2009

We spent 2 nights camping in San Onofre.

We played in the sand.

Grandma took the kids on rides in the wagon.

Threw sand on an uncle and suffered the consequences.

The boys went surfing and Carter wanted in on the action too!

Played in the waves.

Took a picture I've been wanting to take for years. Logs don't wash ashore here in HB.

We came home and showered and headed to Big Bear for 5 days. We relaxed at Chad's Grandma's house and went to the zoo.

This wasn't your ordinary zoo. There were bears, mountain lions, vulchers and wolves. All the animals had a story. They had all been injured and nursed back to health by these zoo keepers. We're talking 3 legged bears, blind eagles. It was super interesting to hear each animals story. The best part was watching the Mama grizzly bear slap her child across the face when it roared (or talked back) in her face! Then she sent it to time out...NO JOKE. I was surprised at how much I have in common with a mama grizzly bear.

We went to the Big Bear Arcade and got the kids some treats at a cute store downtown.

The boys rented a fishing boat and fished for 8 hours. Uncle Jacob caught two trout. Chad caught two fish which the other boys called "tad poles that could be used for bait." Chad still denies they were that small. We visited them and went on a ride in the boat. The homes on the lake were so beautiful.

Took family pictures.

Then, someone farted! The picture taking ended abruptly.

Can you tell who it was? (It wasn't me...I was trying to make a grossed out face but burst into laughter!) It was a fun trip that ended with a bang!

We came back to work this week. Then Saturday we are off for a week at Lake Powell and a week at the river. I'll be back in 2+ weeks to tell you all about it.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We had a fun filled day. The celebrating started early with dress rehearsals for our stake 4th of July program Thursday night. Followed by 1 show on Friday night and 2 shows Saturday morning. It's a fun tradition. Plus, if you recall that is how Chad and I met when we were 15 years old.

Did I mention I agreed to be over all the 3-5 year olds? This year they walked the cat walk while other kids sang "50 Nifty." Each kid represented a state. The parents were in charge of their kids costume and they all turned out so stinkin' cute.

Alexis represented Pennsylvania. Hershey, Pennsylvania...that is! Yum. I wish we could take the kids there. They'd love it! Here she is strutting her stuff down the cat-walk.
I must say this is the easiest costume I've made to date. A few yards of silver fabric, a $2 wal-mart water tube, a few stitches later and you have this. I did sew a pocket in on one side so she could store Hershey kisses in there to throw out to the audience. A Halloween costume done 4 months early...woo hoo!

The first night I had to tell her she needed to throw the Hershey Kisses UNDER-HAND! She was pelting them out there! But it didn't change. I think she liked seeing how far she could throw it. And how exact. She pelted a few at our families chest! Everyone told us we better sign her up for softball! (That would make her Daddy happy!)

Carter represented California as this years "OP Pro Champion." (In case, you live out of state and are wondering what that's a famous surf competition that takes place right here in HB every year. Hence: "surf city.") Here he is starting the cat walk waving to his fans!

Shacka! Hottest surfer I've ever seen! I just cut a surfboard shape out of stiff poster board and decorated it a little.

He was so over it by the third shows finale. Can you tell in this picture? Before this he was seriously giving me the stink eye when he walked by me. (Do you see the sponsor stickers on the back of his board?)

I had asked the directors if Alexis could try singing with the 6-11 year olds. I knew she could do it. They said she could do it as long as she still represented a state with the 3-5 year old's. She even had a little duet.

The only hard part about her doing both was we literally had 20 seconds on stage left to change her out of her Hershey Kiss costume into her blue jeans and t-shirt. She was so excited to be with the older kids she didn't even mind the rush. Alexis is in the front row. She's in the middle always doing the actions full out. She's especially exaggerated on the "I can't hold" part:

Alexis and her new friend, Sabrina. She's pretty small for her age and Alexis asked me how she got to be 7 so fast! This is after the 2nd finale. Notice the pink ribbon around her waste. So like Alexis to sneak some accessory in her snack bag and tie it on right before going on stage.

After the show we went to Chad's Aunt's house in Long Beach. Everyone on their street pitches in 20 bucks and rents bounce houses, water slides, a cotton candy machine and a snow cone machine. The kids loved it. Especially, since we said YES to everything cuz it was free!

Then, we were off to my parents to BBQ and swim. I always forget to get a picture because I'm in the pool.

Lastly, a quick change at home into warm clothes and we walked to the beach to watch the fireworks. Alexis and Carter liked them...but opted to crawl back in the stroller to watch. This is mid "Whoa" during the firework show.

We are pooped! But, guess what? We are practically GONE all month starting tomorrow. First, camping at the beach and then a few days in Big Bear. Can't wait!