Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Mom Song

My friend, Christine, sent this to me. It is so hilarious. My kids kept asking me why I was laughing so hard. They missed every word. Go figure. In Alexis' words, "That's NOT funny to me!" Oh, if only I could sing this song everyday and get it all out in 2 minutes.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It came to me!

I know I genetically inherited my Mother's creative side. For that I am sooo thankful. But, unfortunately, things come to me at the weirdest times, when I'm not planning on being creative.

For over two weeks I have been trying to write my Christmas Card. I've known the point I wanted to get across in my letter but I couldn't figure out just how! (Some nights I even say, "That's it I'm not doing them this year!"

But guess what? It came to me just NOW! After so many nights staring at the computer screen...I'm almost squelling with delight now that my brain is working again!

If only it worked 24/7. Or even just at the times I really need it!

It comes when it comes. And I have to be satisfied with that!

Today, I'm satisfied!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Alexis!

I can't believe my girl is 5 years old.
Here is how the week panned out:
Sunday we had a family Birthday dinner. Alexis' favorite: Brisket Roast & Artichokes! She was more than happy to share her artichoke with me. But when I looked up it was almost gone. She told me EXACTLY what she wanted for her cake...down to the writing on top.

Maybe this wasn't the best year to try "TRICK CANDLES"...

This picture is for those of you at church who think my boy is so perfect. His fit: He wanted "his B-day, his presents & his cake." We even cut off a piece of cake, put a candle on top, & sang to him...but he wasn't having ANY of it. He ate a fudgsicle because he would have NOTHING to do with "Sezzis's Cake." (aka: Alexis)
Monday was her actual birthday. We had a fun day and did whatever she wanted all day. She picked her favorite breakfast place. A hole in the wall restaurant Jillonnie introduced us to. So yummy. She won't ever eat my eggs thanks to this place. I have no clue how they get them so good. Believe me. I've tried. I've even asked the owners. They're not sharing. Imagine that.

Then we spent the entire day at DISNEYLAND. I talked Chad into taking the day off and begged him to stay for the fireworks for Alexis' b-day. He agreed. We drive into the parking structure. They give us a paper which says, "Disneyland park will be CLOSING EARLY at 6:00pm due to a staff Christmas party."

Think: Smoke out of my ears! I was so mad. The one day I finally get Chad to agree to stay. And NO fireworks. No parade. I kept telling myself "Amber get a grip. Don't complain and ruin the time we do have!" This might come as a surprise but I did it...I held it in and didn't say a thing to Chad! Yes, I had SELF-CONTROL.

We waited in the LONG lines to meet the Princesses. We've never done that before because it really didn't seem worth our time. The excitement on her face when she saw Belle made my heart melt.

Good thing I didn't complain OUT LOUD about the staff members wanting to celebrate Christmas and close the park early. They ended up doing the parade and fireworks super early. I think I might consider practicing self control more often.

"I really want to stay for the snow and catch some one my tongue." I didn't have the heart to tell her the snow wasn't real. I thought she'd realize it once she tasted it. But she kept trying for more.

A few things about our cute little "LEXI LOU"...
-She's the best big sister. Always looking out for her brother.
-She loves barbies, polly pockets, & babies.
-She named her baby, Amber. After me, of course. It was my baby doll when I was a kid.
-Whenever I surprise her with something she loves she says, "You're the BEST Mom EVER!"
-She is incredibly athletic. She master's anything thrown at her.
-She's has the most graceful cart wheels.
-She's a beautiful swimmer, already!
-She loves water sports. Loves skiing on tied-togethers, TUBING, and wake surfing.
-She rocks at soccer. Dribbling past everyone & sprinting back to stop the other team from scoring. She has great control with her shots on goal. Basically, she "gets" the game.
-She learned how to ride a two-wheeler on her first try.
-She climbs trees. No, not the big branch-y ones. Think: Islander men climbing Palm trees with their feet. Yep that's her!
-She's super strong and loves going across the monkey bars. Over and over again.
-She's a good friend. She loves to share and even give away or let her friend "borrow" her toys. Unfortunately, Mommy doesn't allow that.
-She has the sweetest prayers and always wants to be the one to say them.
-She is NOT shy. She begs me every Sunday to pick her to give the talk in Primary.
-She loves bearing her testimony in front of the congregation, ALREADY!
-She loves singing and dancing and can't wait to start school.

Alexis, you are beautiful! The best daughter & big-sister we could ever ask for. Your outgoing personality is contagious. You care about everyone around you, especially you're family. You are such a great blessing to us. We love you. Happy 5th Birthday!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Try this...

Conduct a women's choir, men's choir, high school aged choir, a childrens choir, a sunbeam (4 year old) choir a full orchestra ALL AT THE SAME TIME. No, wait...arrange the music yourself...and while your at it write a few of your own Christmas songs. *Don't forget to write different parts for each choir and each voice range...and you've got to write the music for EVERY instrument in the orchestra...since it is from scratch! Now go do it in front of thousands of people!

See that man doing it in the center? I'm proud to say that is my brother-in-law, Brett. He is so extremely talented. He started this program a year ago. He has a passion for teaching people to appreciate good music! This concert was at Segerstrom Hall (The Orange County Performing Arts Center). The place is huge and incredible. The tickets for this concert sold out within 2 weeks.

Writing music for a full orchestra amazes me. Especially since Brett plays the piano. Not the violin, saxaphone, drums...whatever. Last year I asked him how he writes a huge piece like that for instruments he doesn't know how to play...this is what he said, "I can just hear a song in my head. I hear when each instrument needs to come in and I have to write it down." And for a split second...I understood. Chad doesn't understand why I start my craft & sewing projects so late...but most of the mind is spinning with ideas. If I go to bed. The ideas go too! I know it's not nearly as impressive as Brett's incredible gift but it's a gift that you can't teach someone. You just have it or you don't.
Here are some video clips so you can get a little glimpse of his concert.

This is one of my favorites. Because to was 100% Brett. If I heard it outside of this concert I think I could have guessed he might have written it. Something about the fun African tune!

I tried to get a close up of Brett. His tiny 5'5" backside...dripping sweat! I think he does like 1 1/2 hours of squats and jumps when he leads them softer and louder. My camera wouldn't zoom enough and when I gave in and just took the picture...MY FLASH was on! I was so red and embarrassed!

All Choirs:

Childrens Choir:

Sunbeam Choir:

If you aren't impressed with're in trouble.