Monday, June 30, 2008

You say "GOODBYE"...I say "HELLO"

It's been too long since I've posted, I know. But don't think I didn't try. I wanted to put this video clip I made (and spent way too much time on)...but after all the work I couldn't get it on my blog. I tried and weren't enough. That would have been too easy. So instead of pictures you got nothing. Then I had to go private and while I was waiting for some email addresses I just didn't feel comfortable sharing more. With summer now in full gear...we have had some changes. We said goodbye to some of our usual activities and hello to lots of new ones. AHH! Did I mention I absolutely love summer?


We have annual passes to Disneyland but we are blacked out for the summer. So the kids enjoyed their last day at Disneyland celebrating cousin, Emily's birthday. This is the ferris wheel that has swinging cart things at California Adventure. We have a will pee your pants when you see it. I just haven't figured out how to get it on because it's a little longer.

Alexis enjoying time with her cousins at Disneyland! They have so much fun together. The sad thing about living so close to some family. Alexis thinks they are her only cousins since she knows them so well. My brother came down from Idaho last week with his family and Alexis insisted they were not her cousins because she didn't know them.


Alexis loves gymnastics...but we had to say goodbye for the summer months because we just get too busy. She does awesome cart wheels.

Alexis' coach helping her with her technique. Alexis was in the little toddler class because that was her age group of 3-5 year olds. They moved her up because she was doing so good. Now she's in Jr. Academy (5-7 year olds) and she can't get enough. She's awesome on the bars,'s scary. Too bad gymnastic competitions are always on Sunday.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Carter was playing on the skateboard outside our apartment when he apparently became too hot! His solution and quick fix...rolling in the nasty puddle that never seems to dry up! Yuck!

2. SNOW...what?
Yes, I live in southern California and only remember snow falling (and melting immediately) in elementary school. This was on the way to the river about 1 month ago, in Moreno Valley (just an hour from our house...not even in the mountains.) Our family later informed us there were two "tornadoes" that touched down on the freeway flipping cars...they were scared for us...but all we knew snowed here, in May, CRAZY!

Alexis and her cousin, Chelsea...posing before a race. Alexis was lucky enough to be added on to swim team 8 weeks after they started practicing because room finally opened up! Yeah!
Taking it very seriously and lining up for the big race! Only...they only want to go to the meets...not practice! Why? "because I want to go where everyone says...GO LEXIS, GO LEXIS, GO LEXIS!"


So peaceful. So serene. Just like my life. Right! Surprisingly, I caught them just taking it all in.

Alexis and Carter enjoyed spending time with cousin, Will at Great Grandpa Pitt's surprise 75th Birthday Party. Want to know how to get your kids to smile like this? Have Grandpa find an over-sized pizza carrier on the freeway, pull over, run onto the
freeway to retrieve it. Then let the grandkids spend hours on end pretending they are pizza being delivered room to room. Surprise!


We love going to baseball games, especially the Anaheim Angels...Chad's favorite! We had scheduled to go on "Mormon Night" a month in advance. Too bad for me...Alexis started puking the day of. So Chad and Carter enjoyed it this time around.

Chad's sister Katie came down from Utah to bless their cute little boy! We were so excited to meet Charlie. Aren't they the cutest family ever! Can you see the "Pitt" features?

Alexis and Carter couldn't get enough of Charlie. As you can see...that was only one-sided!

Ahh, I love her! She taught me how to swim when I was a kid. She can perform miracles in just 15 minutes. Alexis was totally pool safe at just 18 months! Pool safe not a swimmer! We could chuck her in the pool, she'd flip to her back and she could float on her back forever till we came to save her. I told her to jump off the diving board at 18 months. I was in my work clothes. I thought I could reach her but she jumped too far. So she just floated on her back and waited and I retrieved her with a pool net. Don't worry, I was very close to her the whole time.

Carter loves Debbie. Lots of kids come...when they are little saying, "NO DEBBIE, NO DEBBIE!" She means business! I love it! But not Carter. He's been getting so good. Only 4 more days left of sad.

Carter reaching for the "fishy ring" on the side of the pool where the deck is too high to grab. He absolutely hated that the first day...but Debbie quickly let him know...he was going to do it no matter what!

Alexis working on her backstroke and freestyle. Her strokes have dramatically improved since Debbie has been working with her these last 2 weeks. It is absolutely amazing! I'll have to post a before and after with her swim meet video's.

So...there you have it. Already a busy summer and we are looking forward to lots more! Lots of pictures to come. You might just get sick of us now! Hope you enjoy.

Funny Kids

We went to the river over a month ago. While we were there Alexis was playing with her cousin Chelsea and they were pushing a fish toy that sings "Take Me to the River" while Mindy and I were cleaning up dinner. We heard them start to fight over whose turn it was when Chelsea started crying. Alexis immediately ran to me and said this with the most concerned and shocked voice:

"Mom, Chelsea and I were playing and she thought it was her turn and I thought it was my turn...and then my hand slipped and punched her three times!"

Mindy and I started busting up! Does she really think I'd fall for that? My daughter is never usually aggressive physically so this was a little shocking!

On the way to the river Carter shared a knock knock joke with us. He does the same one over and over and over again. The best part is that he thinks he's so funny and so do we. We still haven't figured out who taught him this. See video below for his joke...

Carter's Knock Knock Joke

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


I have really debated whether to go private or not. Sometimes it's just fun to blog hop and see who your friends are friends with. But the problem...I'm always wondering who in the world is looking at mine and tonight some guy left a message and I didn't know him. Not a friend of friend and that bothers me...that's not blog hopping....that's scary snooping around. So there you have it. I'm going private soon so please leave me you email or email me the address you'd like me to add to access my blog.