Friday, December 21, 2007

Never Ready!

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad Miller!
It's almost been a month since I've posted! I have been consumed this month with work parties, ward parties, birthday parties, two unexpected hair cuts, Christmas cards, and all the fun time consuming things that come with the Christmas season. I hope you are all doing well. We have loved getting your Christmas cards and getting the updates! Here are a bunch of pictures to show you what we've been up to. Enjoy.

Alexis celebrating her birthday at Pre-school on Dec. 6th! Take note of the her LONG pony tail.

The next day, Dec 7th. I was hysterically crying taking these pictures!

The back left was pretty short...I know it's not that bad...but this was my first experience where I felt she knew better. No one told me how much it hurts as a mother...when you know they know better.

The next day, Dec 8th...Alexis' B-day. Why do I buy anything else? Bubble tape was the only thing that made her smile! Cuz she never gets it!

Alexis party at the park that afternoon.

I didn't plan this picture...I was trying to get them all to smile...but up they all went. A park and bounce house (courtesy of Amber's sister, Jillyn)...the kids were never bored and it's free!

Happy 4th Birthday Alexis!

Chelsea, Alexis, Emily and Carter eating lunch.

I love that Carter is so photogenic!

Alexis get's compliments everywhere we go about her cute hair cut. Today a few mom's we didn't know stopped me at Huntington Surf and Sport to tell me how cute her hair cut was...Is it too much to ask to want the positive reinforcement to STOP?

A better shot of her "A" line hair cut!

Alexis' birthday dinner at Lonestar in Long Beach. YUMMY!

On a train ride at the mall. We seriously thought Carter was going to bust a blood vessel in in face he was screaming..."BYE" loud! Of course our kids got in trouble for trying to touch the wheels of the train while in motion. Go figure!

Visiting Santa...Alexis is thrilled...Carter unsure and probably thinking Alexis is crazy to be so happy about this guy!

I love this picture. This is Alexis and her friend, Brandon, at South Coast Plaza visiting Santa. We were standing there with the Moffett's deciding what to do next when Alexis and Brandon broke out in the middle of the mall singing, "Bum, Bum to Bum, Bum!" They thought they were so funny...and they actually were this time!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Thanksgiving Tradition

I made this turkey and blank feathers out of construction paper and taped my turkey on a wall in our house. Then I had our family, extended family and friends write what they were thankful for on a feather. It was a fun thing to do with the kids. They loved it. We added feathers as we got them back.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. We started the day off playing soccer with Chad's family. We came home to shower and my parents called to wish Chad Happy Birthday. It was so nice to hear their voice again! Then we ate dinner and played games at Chad's parents who live less than a mile from us. Chad's Aunt Tara (she's only 2 years older than him) came in and said she had an extra ticket to see the Broadway musical "Jersey Boys" that night! No one was speaking up to take I did! The couple she babysits for gave her the tickets so it was FREE! know I love that! It was fun, lots of swearing but really good singing.

After the show, I stayed up past 12am making an ice cream cake for Chad's Birthday. Friday, I woke up at 4am to hit some stores. Then back to make Chad breakfast and celebrate his birthday! Always a busy but fun weekend!

Monday, November 19, 2007


So, my time consuming primary calling has been at an all time high these last few weeks. We had our primary program a week ago and of course I decided to throw something in somewhat last minute. I decided to teach all the kids the sign language to "I'll Follow Him in Faith." Just so happens I was really sick the morning I was to teach them it. But, on with the show...I'm surprised I didn't pass out! The Saturday before the performance we had a practice...but to make my day a little more interesting it was the last day of soccer hardly any teachers showed up and the kids were in and out. But wait there's more...Primary was assigned building clean-up that morning. And whenever we are assigned building clean-up...NO ONE shows up...even though we talked to all of them the night before and they said they were coming. So lucky for me and my presidency. Oh...and did I mention...we stayed 4 and 1/2 hours for church because the kids did the Program for the singles ward after our block at 2pm. I'm sure you can imagine sunbeams at church from 11-3:30! Then this week, I've been busy submitting names for teachers for 2008! It never ends!

So I'm in need of some change...and since that's not gonna come through my calling...I dyed my hair BROWN. What's a girl to do? Sorry, were gonna find out one way or another! But look at my options at a stressful time like this...I could have pulled my hair out...or shaved it like Britney! My sisters and friends nearby advised me NOT to do it....but hey, I actually like it. It didn't take as much brown as I thought it would but it's a really good change for now. Everyones told me they like that could be fake...but I'll take it! I'll post a picture for Thanksgiving...that way you all have to be positive...just kidding.

Friday, November 2, 2007


...and, none other than THE BIG BAD WOLF!

So, with Carter still trying to break his biting urges...I thought how appropriate for them to wear these costumes. And to start off the night...he wanted all the candy in Alexis' basket...not just one...So a nice BITE on the arm taught her he means business. They were so cute in their costumes. And the best part...who doesn't like a good deal. It only cost me $3.50 to make both costumes. Alexis cape I made from an old table cloth we don't use. And Carter had a Grey sweat suit. I bought gray fur and made the cap, shoe covers and strips for the side of his sweat suit to cover the reebok stripes.

Halloween Night...

Chad and I decided to set off on a new adventure for Halloween this year. We ventured out of our normal "tract" trick or treating. We have heard it is so fun in downtown Huntington Beach. Since we live 1/2 a mile from Main Street where everything was taking place...we trick or treated with friends on our way down. Chad's highlight was having the kids trick or treat at the house he grew up in. A lot of the homes where dark because everyone is downtown...You know what that means...not a lot of trick or the kids got handfuls of candy at each house. Bad news for Amber who has no will power...and it's only getting worse as I get older. Main Street by the Pier was blocked for 4+ blocks and the streets were filled with blow up bounce houses, velcro walls, rock climbing, slides, obstacle courses...seriously at least 20+ things...I think we got to about 6 of them because the kids did the obstacle course 5 times. There was a huge titanic ship slide that I think I would have been freaked to go on. There was a petting zoo, pony rides...and the best part....EVERYTHING WAS FREE. Plus, you could trick or treat at all the stores. We had a blast and I have never seen the kids having this much fun. They were going double time (I'm sure the sugar helped). Everything closed at 8:30, so we grabbed a Jamba Juice, put the kids in the stroller and walked home. The kids fell asleep on the way home...the perfect end to a perfect night! I'm so glad we got the courage to just try something new for our family because we rarely do...Now we have a tradition started that Chad and I know the kids will remember for years.

Halloween 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Picture This...

"Alright kids...we made it to the Salt Lake Temple....Alexis...what the heck did you do?" Man, should work at a make-up counter. Thank goodness for WASHABLE MARKERS. Look at the tears...maybe a little more control on my part would do us all better.

Summer Vacations 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

RIVER August 2007

Every year we take family pictures when we go out to the river. I loved this picture. Doesn't it look so peaceful and serene? Well, it wasn't! It was so miserably hot in long pants in 100+ degree weather.