Monday, October 25, 2010

School Bullies?

I picked Alexis up from school today. As we were walking to the car she started running in the opposite direction yelling that she needed to talk to some girls. I insisted she come back and tell me why she needed to talk to them.

"Because those girls are really mean to Chelsea and me...and I need to tell their Mom's."

Of course...I didn't let her. So, I wait till we drop her cousins off and I ask her what in the world happened.

"Mom, these mean girls at school keep coming up to us and act all mean telling us we stole their jump rope. But we got it from our classroom. They do it everyday and they keep yelling at us and act all bratty to us."

"Ok. Have you talked with your teacher about this?"

"Yes, we did today. She said to come get her next time they don't stop being mean when we ask. Or ask what their names are and what their classroom number is so we can tell their teacher. But we see them everywhere and I can't stand it. Today we went to the bathroom and they were there. I was so frustrated. Chelsea told me to do my frustrated voice to them like I do when I get mad at her. I just want to be bratty to them because they are so bratty to us."

"Alexis, do you think that's the right thing to do? Think about how Jesus treated all those people who were mean to him. Was he mean back? I don't want people to be mean to you. Nor should you let them. But being mean back is not going to make them stop. I think you should do as your teacher said so they can help stop them from being mean to you."

"Mom I don't want to be mean. I really don't. But I feel so frustrated when they talk all mean and they never say please or use any manners. Today, I just wished Dad could have been there."

"Why would you want Dad to be there?"

"Because you know when I've done something bad...and Dad spanks me? He spanks so hard and it hurts and I just wish he could be there to spank those bratty girls."

This is where I immediately turned my rear view mirror to prevent her from viewing me laughing HYSTERICALLY!

What to do...what to do? Should we send Chad to spank those bratty girls for her?

Saturday, October 9, 2010

In case you haven't heard...

We are expecting another baby on April Fools Day of 2011!
I hadn't blogged about it yet because 1)If you can't tell by the lack of post...I've been super sick and 2) My pregnancy got leaked on darn facebook before I could announce it here or tell my sisters and friends. GRRR!

So the most exciting part is...I waited to post something till I knew what we were having...and it looks as though we are creating a basketball team here. Another BOY! The kids are super excited. No tears this time. Woo hoo!
(And just in case you needed's quite obvious!)
I just love this picture of our little guy below...He's got his leg all stretched out in his tiny little living space like..."Alright, if I'm going to have to stay here for awhile I might as well make myself comfortable!"

So we are super excited around here. Owen will only be 17 1/2 months when this baby is born so things should get interesting around here.

Now...we just need a name. I like to pick it early enough and call my baby by it's name throughout my pregnancy problem...Chad and I don't agree on any names for once!

And in case you were wondering...Yes it was planned.