Sunday, March 27, 2011

Typical Carter

Today started out as a normal Sunday...but that didn't last long. We were finishing up getting ready for church. I got the kids ready first and I knew I was short on time. Chad usually takes his car because he has a meeting right after church. But, today, Chad saw I needed a few more minutes so he said he'd take the kids and I could bring his car. I was about 3 minutes behind him. I was just about to our church building and I see a bunch of cars lined up 1/2 a mile before the building. I thought it was road construction and got over in the far lane. That is, until I noticed a white mini-van pulled over with it's hazards on and my husband and kids getting into a small car with a man from our church.

I knew immediately...he ran out of gas. Whoops.

So, I took the kids into church and Chad went to get a gas can at home since the car needed to be moved asap.

Sacrament meeting with an 18 month old is not super fun when you are due in 5 days. Owen was such a pill...trying to crawl under my legs to run around, spitting out name it. And of course, Alexis being the little mommy she is couldn't stay in her seat because she wanted to solve the problem and hold and entertain Owen. She meant well...but it was only making matters worse. Owen was getting more vocal in his frustration so I had to take him out leaving my kids alone. Halfway through the sacrament Alexis comes out because "she needed to go to the bathroom." I told her we try not to leave the room during the sacrament unless it's an emergency and told her she needed to stay and wait till it was over to go back in.

When Owen finally calmed down...which was honestly 15 minutes after the sacrament...I took him back in to sit by my kids. After a few minutes I felt a tap on my shoulder. The girl behind my whispers this in my ear.

"I just thought you should know your boy (Carter) sat so quietly all by himself during the sacrament. Your daughter left to go to the bathroom after the bread and when the water came by Carter quietly whispered to the boy handing him the water that his sister went to the bathroom and he needed to get one for her. So, he grabbed 2 waters. Drank one himself and sat holding the tiny water cup with 2 hands so focused not to spill it for at least 8 minutes. It was so cute."

I was impressed with Carter but not surprised in the least's so him.

Our home teacher came over to give us a lesson tonight and told Carter they talked about him in Young Men's today. He was confused. Apparently, word spread about Carter's sweet act (not by Chad or I) and they used his example in a lesson on the importance of the sacrament.

Carter was smiling from ear to ear when he heard how impressed people were with him. I love that he really does try to think of other people!

Monday, March 21, 2011


You know you have completely brainwashed your kids into being a member of this tooth family when the threats at night become:

"Alexis, if you don't get your pajama's on and teeth brushed in 3 minutes...I am not going to pull out your tooth tonight."

You better believe she started moving really quick! She's been begging for weeks for me to pull it out.

And yes, I completely realized after I said it that if anyone would have overheard my threat they would have thought we were crazy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seriously Kidding Me

The conversation I just had with Alexis 2 minutes ago was too funny not to document. She's supposed to be long asleep and I thought she was when suddenly she pops her little head into the kitchen where I am dishing myself up some ice cream.

Alexis: "Are you seriously kidding me? You said we didn't have ice cream."

"We didn't have ice cream yesterday. Daddy just picked some up. Maybe, if you can get to bed and be good you can have some tomorrow. What are you doing down here anyways?"

"I just came to tell you I hate my nose!"

"Really? Should we cut it off?"

(as she is walking to the stairs) "No! I just wish Jesus never invented snot."

(from the other room as she goes upstairs) "Well, I guess you can talk to Jesus about that when you get to heaven."

(Hollering from the top of the stairs) "Yah...but I'm not going to heaven for a long time!"

That's that. Conversations over. She went to bed. I'm still laughing.