Thursday, October 27, 2011

400 thousand dollars

My handicapped sister is on a mission with my parents in Utah. She emailed me this today:


i will give you 4oo thounder dallor


I wrote back:


Sweet. I could use an extra 400 thousand dollars. When will you be sending it?

Love you,

She makes me laugh because I have no clue where she gets these things from. And when did she start signing "Mel" as her name. She's too funny.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Cleaning Break

Right now...we are in a mad dash cleaning our house. Just because I want it CLEAN!

Alexis and Carter have been working hard in the playroom for over an hour. I went to throw some dirty clothes in the laundry room and this is what I heard as I passed the playroom.

"Hey, Carter, check and see if I farted."

" did."

"Ok, thanks."

End of conversation. Gross? Yes. Hilarious? Absolutely. Had to document it because I can't stop laughing. They don't even know I heard. But I called Chad and we were busting up and we decided...this is why we have kids. Sometimes they just really lighten the mood around here.