Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sprint Triathlon

Yesterday, we had our sprint triathlon. My sister's and I trained for this so I was pretty nervous I was going to eat it on my bike or something. The swim was first and it's my favorite and best event. I wish it were last! We swam 30 lengths of the pool. Then on to the bike (12.2 miles). This was much better than last year because I actually borrowed a road bike instead of riding my beach cruiser with a kid seat attached. It rained for part of the ride but overall it went pretty good. I kept looking over my shoulder because I knew my sister would catch up to me on this part. And sure enough around mile 9 she went right past me. She was screaming for me to hurry and keep up with her because she was riding behind a hard core biker who was breaking the wind for her...but I couldn't catch up. Seeing her in front of me pushed me because I didn't want her to get too far ahead. By the time I got off my bike she was about to start the run. So we ran together for the first part. We grabbed water at the first station and I started choking. Apparently, I'm not so great at multi-tasking when it comes to running/breathing and drinking. So at the next station I stopped to grab a drink and I told Mindy not to wait for me. Plus...the big hill was next and I knew she would fly up it. I walked little parts of it and once I got up that was it! I promised myself no stopping after that! My legs were completely numb. It was the craziest feeling! This first picture is me about 10 feet before the finish line. And if you are wondering why I look so retarded...I was sprinting the end. I crossed the finish line and stopped and Mindy said, "Amber keep walking or you'll puke!" No puking and after a minute I felt so good. It's one of those things where you finish and think...I will definitely do that again! The run is my weakest part so the mere fact I only walked part of the hill made me happy. Mindy finished about 2 minutes before me. She was the first girl to finish and I was the second. I was 15th to finish if you include all the men. Yeah for me!
You can see the standings at www.fv3triathlon.blogspot.com

My sisters and I: Jillyn, me and Mindy.
We are the three youngest in our family. Jillyn's the oldest of us three, then Mindy, then Me!
Jillyn was so proud of her number: 303...or MOM!

The three Amber's

Me, Amber B, Mindy

Family that all did the sprint triathlon. From left to right: Kellianne & Jeff (cousins), Mindy & Brett, Jillyn & Curt, me, Corey (cousin), Kenny (my uncle), and Jillyn's little girls: Ally and Katelyn.

Memorial Day Picnic

The ward I grew up in always had races and a picnic on Memorial Day. Even though we don't live in the ward...my sister's still do so we like to pretend we are part of it all. I thought I would be exhausted after the triathlon but instead I am now...a day later. Anyways, the kids had lots of fun at the picnic. They still have the kid races they had when I was a kid...only it's not at the high school track anymore. They had all types of races. When I showed my sister this picture of us...she was laughing so hard. But I told her it wasn't blog worthy because I wasn't in front. We tied the first time and this was the second. I probably don't have to mention I tripped at the beginning. It wouldn't have mattered too much anyway because Mindy has way more endurance than me. I usually never expect to beat her because she is so stinkin' athletic. We have a home video of us as kids at the races...and my dad is video taping. When Mindy's age group comes up...he says how she will for sure win because she is so quick. Then my age group came up and he said...in the video camera: "Now, Amber probably won't win. She's just not as quick as Mindy." I did have really fast girls in my age group but that year I must have heard my dad from 100 yards away because I won! I love that home video and will forever tease my dad about it!
The guys...going for it. Chad is fourth from the right.
Alexis is ready to go. Carter just raced along the side.

Below...is a picture of the 5 and under race. Alexis is in the middle in the white shirt. She beat all the girls and some of the boys. She was so bummed when I went to tell her how good she did. She just stood at the finish line all quiet. I told her she ran so fast and she said, "Yeah, but I didn't win...that Ka-lua guy won!" Someone's a little competitive! Where in the world would she get that from?
I love this picture of Mindy's girl, Brooke.

After the picnic we went to my parents house and ordered some dinner in and relaxed. We made a big deal of this movie night for the kids upstairs...and told them they had to stay in the room or the movie got turned off! Then we went in the jacuzzi to relax. We thought the kids would never know! Except...my daughter came down and said with a nice little pout, "I just don't feel like it's fair you all get to go in the jacuzzi and us little kids don't!"

Friday, May 16, 2008

Work Out Music

The count down is on. My triathlon is on Memorial Day, one week from Monday. So I need your help. I'm trying to put together a good mix of music to keep me pumped and going the whole time. So, whoever is reading this...leave a comment with your favorite work out music so I can get a good mix. The more the better so please share. My only request: No nasty lyrics. We just had a spin class this morning and one of the songs was so disgusting. The teacher said, "Oh, but it has a good beat." I don't need music that makes me want to puke...I've got the work out to do that for me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


So when we were at the beach in San Onofre everyone brought their surf boards and the husbands spent the early afternoon surfing. Amber Baltzer (on the left) is an awesome surfer and I've always told her I'm going to do it some day with her. (and for some history...we've been friends ever since Chad and I got married 7 years ago. The funny part is: When we met she and I were finishing up school about to graduate (in different professions) and both her husband and Chad were applying to business schools to go into business finance. The real kicker comes when we are together because it's: Amber & Chad and Amber & Tad! SCARY!) So it's safe to say I've been saying I've wanted to surf for 7 years. It's one of those things I've really intended on doing but the kids have made that difficult when it's just us and the kids. So this time the men were there and Amber B. wasn't going to let me leave without trying. It was pretty cold so I was hesitant. But Amber is that friend that is not up for excuses. She's that running partner...that if you slept in and answer the door in your pajamas and give her that look like there's no way you can go...think twice..."you better hurry and get dressed fast!" I love it...and I always have. Everyone needs a friend like that!
Three Amber's Surfing: Amber Baltzer, Me, Amber Sim.

There are four Amber's in our ward and three of us went to San Onofre! So what could be more
fun then having Amber B. give surfing lessons to us newbies! I love this picture. Amber Sim's husband took this. And most importantly I appreciate that she turned it into a black and white picture before she emailed it to me. Why? Well, Sunday was Mother's Day and one Sunday a year Amber Baltzer and I can sit next to each other since she's been in Young Women's since we met and I've been in Primary. Well, it's seems many people noticed how butt white I was when I sat next to her! So now, none of you can see the difference...and I like it that way. (Side note: Amber and I have always wanted to serve together in our church calling. Back in 2001...our husbands got called to serve together as teacher's in Primary when all the other teachers were husband/wife teams. Amber and I always said that wasn't fair! So it's no surprise to us when two weeks ago Chad was called to serve with Tad as financial clerks!)

So here I am, surfing or my sorry attempt at it. Amber was a good teacher...even though I was shocked no one told me about the shark attack just 20 minutes south. A guy was attacked training for a triathlon...one week before this. Hey, I'm training for a sprint triathlon...so I would have been perfect bait on my first attempt at surfing. It freaked me out even though I found out a few days after I was in the water.

Monday, May 5, 2008

San Onofre

On Saturday we went to San Onofre with a bunch of couples from our ward. It was so much fun. Surprisingly, I had never been there before. It's a pretty popular beach here in southern California called "Old Man's Beach." It's about 45 minutes south of HB. It's was a much needed day of relaxing after I had sat in continuing education courses all day Thursday and Friday. I had been going non-stop: waking up at 5am to train with my sisters for a sprint triathlon, showering at one of my sister's house (because I had no time to come home), running to work, then to our Dental Convention all day and night! Plus a Stake Primary meeting thrown in there. I honestly didn't see my kids for 3 days. It was crazy!
Bailey, Hannah, Lizzy and Alexis.

I was getting some hot dogs ready and turned around to see
where Carter went and this is where I found him...just chillin'!

Even though Alexis and Lizzy are in the same CTR 5 class at church
they really haven't gotten to know each other that well. I've kept
meaning to get them together outside of church because I knew they
would hit it off. They have similar personalities and they had
so much fun together giggling and being silly at the beach!

The beach was really rocky so it created a nice barrier for the kids. They
played on the rocks but for the most part...the little one's couldn't just run
straight into the water like the beach by our place.

White Teeth

When we were driving home from San Onofre Carter kept asking for more fruit snacks...which we had no more of. He wasn't giving up! After persisting on asking us...Alexis decided to get involved.

Carter: "More snack!"
Alexis: "Carter, there are no more snacks. You ate all of them at the beach!"
Carter: "More snack!"
Alexis: "Carter, look at me. Say awww!"
(Carter turns to her, opens his mouth as wide as he can saying "Awww")
Alexis: "Well, your teeth are still white. But if you eat another fruit snack they won't be white anymore! So no more fruit snacks for you today, OK?"
Carter: "K!"

End of discussion. There was no more asking for fruit snacks the rest of the trip. I guess we should have Alexis take care of our reasoning from now on.