Sunday, March 28, 2010

Family Pictures

My entire family is in town spending a week together one last time before my parents leave on their mission in June. Today my parents got the whole group...yes all 44 of us...together to take family pictures at the temple. My sister snapped a few shots of our family next to the photographer. This is my favorite.

We are smiling. I love that Alexis and Carter decided to hold hands. And upon a closer look...this is why I REALLY love it:
I guess Owen had bigger and better things on his Alexis' big bow!

Would you believe Alexis' dress was originally a women's blouse before I took it to my sewing machine?

My parents told us we all had to be in solid earth tones. I'll be honest...almost all my clothes and my kids clothes are bright and cheery colors...or they are a print. I looked and looked for a solid colored dress for Alexis. Nothing...or at least nothing I could spend. So I found a women's size 12/14 shirt for $9 at TJ Max and thought...I think I can turn this into a really cute dress without it being too much work. So, last night after the wedding. I seem ripped the shirt apart at 1:00 am. Decided I was too tired to stay up and gave my self 30 minutes this morning to whip it up. Putting the time constraint on myself helped. Normally I would have made a pattern. There was no time for that. I turned it all inside out and pinned it together on her body, carefully slid it over her head and sewed it all together. You might think I'm pretty talented with how cute it turned out. I think I just got lucky.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

One last hurrah...

before the big day. My long time friend and college roommate gets married today. Last night, those of the roommates that made it for the wedding took her out to the melting pot for some dessert.
So fun. I think I laughed for 3 hours straight. I love my old roommates.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mark my word...

this quote will grace a wall in my house very soon!

Women are Angels.
And when someone breaks our wings...
We simply continue to fly...on a broomstick.
We are flexible like that.
People really shouldn't mess with Angels.

Chad even laughed.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Yep. I was released from my almost 3 year stretch as Primary President today. When I found out last Sunday...I literally felt a weight lifted off my shoulders.

But, like everything else in's bitter sweet.

The Bishop totally made me cry in ward council this morning with all the nice things he said about me. I will definitely miss the people I've worked so closely with. And the kids...although they wore me down most Sundays...they taught me so much and I will miss them.

I warned Alexis and Carter last night...that this would be my last Sunday with them in Primary and immediately Alexis replied in a completely devastated voice:

"Is it because I keep getting out of my seat when I'm not supposed to?"

Poor thing. She thought my release was a punishment for her not following my rules to a T in primary. She's too funny.

I thought I might escape another calling since we are moving shortly. But not the case. I got a new calling that will keep me busy until we leave. I will tell you when I get sustained...but lets say I feel completely INADEQUATE to do it! When they called me I said, "I'm 30...don't older people usually do that!"

When I grow up..

Alexis no longer wants to be a rock star when she grows up as mentioned here.

She came home from church today stating:

"Mom, you know those stores we go Costco?"


"When I grow up I want to work there. You know...the people that take our money when we buy the food...I want to do that. Then everyone buying food will hand all their money to me and I can take all that money home. Then, I'd have lots of money."

After I explained they don't get to take that money home she reconsidered. And after a little talk she has now decided to be a Dental Hygienist like me.

Don't judge me...I was brainwashed too. Just kidding. I love my job.

(But for the record: My grandpa, 2 uncles, my dad, and 2 brothers are dentist. And my mom, 2 aunt's, 1 cousin, and 2 sister's are hygienist.)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Diagnosis: MSPI

What is MSPI? Milk Soy Protein Intolerance.

Yep. My baby has it.

Needless to say this last month has not been easy.

Tears. An upset tummy. No sleeping. Tears. Frustration. Did I mention tears?

He had a ton of symptoms...and I was nervous from the beginning he might have MSPI. Only time could tell.

I eliminated practically everything from my diet. He returned to his happy normal self within 2 weeks.

First, I added wheat. He did good.
Five days later, I added soy. NOT SO GOOD. 2 days later he was spitting up mucous-y stringy spit up. Then his stools did the same. I called to see if I should stay on it...maybe he could adjust to it. Nope. The mucous meant his stomach was so irritated and most likely bleeding so it was producing a slim to coat his insides. So sad, huh?

So, it's taken another week off soy for him to return to being happy again.

Frustrating...but we made it. And I've learned a lot.

Milk products and soy are in EVERYTHING.

I would switch to formula but it's more than twice as expensive for the kind I need. And leaving to go to work to pay for formula doesn't sound like fun.

So, I'm sticking it out. Trying to nurse to the end. (A heafty goal considering the longest I've nursed is 8 months.) We won't be re-introducing milk or soy till one year. Most babies grow out of it by then.

So, here's to 8 more months and hopefully an added bonus of a skinny body. (For me, that is. A girl can dream of ONE good benefit from this, right?)

PS: I had to ask where the rice milk was at the store. When they pointed me away from the refrigerated heart stopped beating.

But, wouldn't you know...rice milk actually tastes good after drinking it for 4 weeks. Weird, I know.