Sunday, November 27, 2011

Photo Shoot

 I finished Alexis' baptism dress last night!  25+ hours of MAJOR patience.  
Alexis and I ventured out this afternoon and did a little photo shoot in preparation for the big day. 

But, before you see the pictures...let me give credit where credit is due.

When I saw this dress 2 years ago there was no going back.  Leisel, who made the original dress, said she would try and make up a pattern for it back then.  Every few months I'd ask her if she made the pattern.  I emailed her a month ago asking her some questions about the dress because I figured there was no way she'd be making the pattern now that the holiday season was approaching.  She emailed me back...and had finished the pattern!  I can't even tell you how thrilled I was.

She made up the pattern herself and she shares it for FREE on her blog.  Amazing, huh?  I honestly need to take a picture of the inside too...because if you could see how clean and pretty it is on the inside (with 1 surged seam showing) you will see why it took so long.  Pretty much...Leisel is AMAZING!

 We went to the Newport Beach Temple to take pictures but as I suspected they lock their gates on Sunday.  But, we still managed to get some cute shots from the church grounds across the street.
 Alexis woke me up 2 weeks ago and she could hardly contain her excitement.  
She apparently woke up early and couldn't fall back asleep and so she decided to lay in bed and read her scriptures.  
The excitement (no joke...jumping up and down...while waking me up) was because she's now in 2nd Nephi.  
Amazing, right?
Would you believe me if I told I didn't edit this picture above besides cropping the picture a tiny bit? 

 Then we went back home for some pictures at the beach.
Loved taking her picture on Lifeguard Tower #8  (It was my friend Jillonnie's idea)...but those Lifegaurds were after us on their trucks so fast.  So we hopped off before we could get in trouble from them. 
 Those toe lines forming the 8 are just too cute.  And who doesn't love an exclamation point!

 What...all the lifegaurds are helping that ambulence by tower 6 help someone?  
Certainly, they don't need more people crowding them...
maybe we should just wait here on tower 8.  Why not take a few more pictures?
That's staying out of the way right? 

She just couldn't help grabbing her $10 fisher price camera to take a picture of the sunset on our way out.  So cute!

It was such a fun afternoon.  We thoroughly enjoyed our time alone together.

(P.S.  In case you were wondering:  The lady down by tower 6 seemed to be doing fine when we left.)


shari berry bo-berry said...

SO adorable! she is precious! and WOW you amaze me with your sewing skills! I would have LOVED to have a pretty dress like that when I was a little girl! you are rad amber!

LB3K said...

oh, wow! it turned out so beautifully! she is absolutely precious. thank you so much for sharing it with me. i am SO VERY glad that it turned out for you. good work, mama! that pretty girl will always remember her special day and her special dress!

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The Reese Crew said...

I love the dress! Good job, you are awesome! I can't believe you're there already...Lexi was just looking online for a baptism dress a couple of weeks ago. We'll be doing the same thing in February! Hard to believe!

The Nedrys said...

Just so you don't think I am some stalker, my name is Emily Johnson Nedry. Bobby Johnson's younger sister. We grew up in the same stake and I think went in the same group to Prom together one year. Anyways, Jenny showed me the Halloween Advent Calendar you two made and I was so impressed so I checked out your blog for other project ideas. I just wanted to let you know I love reading it! I think these pictures you took of your daughter are awesome (she is such a cutie), and that dress you made is out of this world. Thanks for sharing your talents and your sweet family with the rest of us.

Tracy Jensen said...

These pictures are gorgeous....I just stumbled on your blog....and am slightly jealous of your camera.....I love love love this post... :)