Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ice Skating Nationals

I flew to Spokane, Washington to have a girls trip with my sister's, sister in laws and my Mom. Owen came along for the trip. I was a little nervous because I had a lay over in Salt Lake City and I didn't know if I could time his feedings good enough for both take-offs. But it ended up working perfectly and Owen did awesome. I can't believe I haven't been on a plane for 5 years.
Above: Me, Jillyn, Syrene, Mindy, Patrice & Elizabeth
My Mom was taking the picture :)

I got to Spokane Wednesday night, January 20th. My Dad picked me up at the airport and took me straight to the arena to meet up with my family that had arrived already to watch some of the Jr. Ice Dancing. My favorite sports to watch are Gymnastics, Diving and Ice Skating. Chad knows if he sees any of those on TV he better record them. So this trip was so fun for me.

Here is Owen enjoying the show.

We spent the whole weekend watching the Ladies Ice Skating (2 times) and the Ice Dancing (3 times.) Plus some Jr. competitions. We went out to eat. Walked around the mall and enjoyed a few days to ourselves. We also drove 30 minutes out of the city to see my brother's house, ride his horses and see his newly built dental office. The office was huge and so beautiful.

This is his front desk area when you walk in.

When you walk through the door to go through the back office there is big wall separating the front office from the back office. Greg has a huge quote wall with such great quotes. I so want a quote wall in my future house one day.

We rode his horses and then my sister in law pulled out this tiny pony with tons of energy. They attached this cart to him and away we went. Greg told me he goes fast but I didn't believe him till jumped on. So funny. I just kept thinking how I wished my kids were with me because they would have been laughing hysterically.

I had no clue Sasha Cohen was coming back to try-out for the Olympics after taking off 4 years of competitive ice skating. She is my ABSOLUTE favorite ice skater. Seeing her in person was incredible. She got 4th place so she isn't going to the Olympics but she is hand's down still my favorite.

We were on TV. If you watched it or if you watch it on the internet you can see us whenever the ladies skated in their long program. When they finished you could see 3 posters on the first row of the 2nd level. That was us. Our babies were holding the signs. I think they never scanned in on us because it was so dark up there. So unfortunate...we could have really brought up the ratings with how cute our babies are.

I came home Sunday night. We had lots of fun but I came home so tired. I shared a bed at the hotel with my sister. She just got her walking cast on and she didn't wear it at night. So besides getting up with my baby in the middle of the night I'd get up to get hers for her. Then I'd make her a bottle and put her back in bed when Mindy was done feeding her. I guess I love my sister enough to sacrifice my sleep.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I'll tell you the news through a little story.

My parents sit down with their grandchildren to tell them the news.

My Dad: "Kids...we have good news and bad new for you."

Katelyn (11 yrs old): "Tell us the bad news first."

My Dad: "Well, we will be leaving again. But this time we will be gone for 3 years!"

Katelyn: "What's the good news?"

My Dad: "Well, Elder Eyring has just asked us to serve as mission presidents."

Tyler (7 yrs old): "What was the good news? I must have missed it."

To the grandkids...this is NOT good news. And many days, it isn't good news for us adults either.

I got a call just before Christmas. At work, no less. My dad wanted to be the one to tell me there was a possibility they would be leaving again.

I was inbetween seeing patients and I started CRYING so hard. But had to quickly wipe away my tears to see another patient.

A little over a week ago my parents sat down via video conference with Elder Eyring. They leave June 23. All we know now is it is English Speaking. We don't know where until mid February. But it could be overseas which would make visiting them difficult.

The good news for Chad and I is that we will be MOVING! My parents have asked if we could live in their house while they are gone. We couldn't be more excited to have access to a washer and dryer, a side yard, an attached garage, a pool, a large house and a cul-de-sac for the kids to ride their bikes in. Not to mention we will now be in both my sister's ward and the kids will all go to the same school. My elementary school. Moving is bitter sweet too because we have loved our ward and I have loved all the parents I've met at Alexis' school.

So, come JUNE...we are out of this joint. No more coin-op laundry, wheeling the dishwasher to the sink, and stray cat poop tracked onto my carpet. I like the sound of it already.

Have I ever told you I get my craftiness from my mom? She has a large laundry room (with a laundry shoot) set up for sewing and tons of counter space.

Friday, January 8, 2010


Today should have been an emotional day...but luckily I had a friend here all day to make it better. I'll explain later.

I love these quotes on friendship. A girl in my ward gave a talk over a year ago and she read these quotes.

If there’s someone you can talk to, someone no one can replace-
If there’s someone you can laugh with, ‘till the tears run down your face-
If there’s someone you can turn to when you need a helping hand-
If there’s someone you can count on to advise and understand-
If there’s someone you can sit with and not need to say a word-
If there’s someone you can trust to keep each confidence she’s heard-
If there’s someone you think more of, as each year comes to an end-
Then you’re a very lucky person for you’ve found an eternal friend.
Author Unknown

“A friend is a person who is willing to take me the way I am but who is willing and able to leave me better than he found me.” Marvin J Ashton

“As you walk the road of life, be careful of your friends. They can make you or break you. Be generous in helping the unfortunate and those in distress. But bind to you friends of your own kind, friends who will encourage you, stand with you, live as you desire to live; who will enjoy the same kind of entertainment; and who will resist the evil that you determine to resist.” President Hinckley

This is definitely an area where I feel blessed. I have such great friends and I always love making new ones too!

Monday, January 4, 2010

How is a good kid a problem?

Being over the Primary kids at church has brought it's challenges.

Today, I had another challenge. A completely different one.


He joined us as a sunbeam, today. I was so busy I didn't even make eye contact with him till 20 minutes into it. He looked and me and smiled. And unfolded one of his arms just enough to wave a few fingers at me and then folded them right away.

When it came time to pick helpers I said what I always say: "I'm looking for kids who are sitting reverently."

I look around and out of the corner of my eye I spot him and couldn't help but look directly at him. Sitting straight up in his seat. Arms folded. Feet on the floor. Smiling. And wide eyes. I swear he batted his eye lashes at me too. The problem...he sat like that the whole time.

So I did it. I called on him. But how the heck do I not call on him next week?