Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ryder's 1st Swim

I took the kids to swim team practice today. You're going to want to ask me some questions about it...so let me help you.

Ask me why I had to quickly find someone with a swim diaper and borrow it?

Because Owen decided to plunge himself into the pool for a swim in all of his clothes. Then he proceeded to throw a screaming fit because he didn't care that he didn't have a swim diaper on. There was no time to get one out of the car...it was urgent I borrow one right away. There were enough people watching me wrestle my child as it was.

Luckily, Alexis' practice didn't start yet so she played with him on the steps (5 feet from where I was.) Then she took him to the kiddie pool (15 feet from where I was sitting.) I was watching him like a hawk...even though Alexis was next to him.

Now...ask me why my clothes are all wet?

That's because Alexis decided to swim under the 2 feet of water in the kiddie pool to the other side leaving Owen alone. She's under water so I can't scream for her to stop. Owen looses his footing and can't figure out how to stand up...so instinctively I sprint the 15 feet to save him. Only...I slip as I run through the kiddie pool. Picture the classic "slip on a banana" type of fall...only in a kiddie pool. Remember I was in a full out sprint. So I fall on my back in the pool...but gain my footing quickly and grab Owen! Who was perfectly fine because I rescued him right when I saw the problem. Forget not wanting all the attention on me!

Now...you might be wondering "that stories great and all but why did you title this post Ryder's 1st swim?"

I will gladly answer that! Here is where this story really gets interesting.

I was actually nursing Ryder when it all went down:

-Alexis swims to the other side of the kiddie pool
-Owen looses his footing standing in the middle of the kiddie pool
-I sprint from my chair...while still nursing Ryder under a white muslin blanket
-I slip and eat it straight on my back in the kiddie pool while nursing Ryder under a blanket
-Ryder is forced to un-latch by the fall
-Ryder starts screaming under the muslin blanket
-All while I grab Owen from the pool and drag my drenched body, Owen and an un-happy Ryder out from the middle of the kiddie pool.

Are you laughing yet? Don't you wish you could have seen it in person? I'll help you change your mind!

Now, I was wearing a very loose cotton skirt. So you know what happens when a loose cotton skirt with no drawstring gets wet and you don't have any free hands to hold it up because you are holding your almost drowning son in one hand and a nursing infant in the other! Luckily, my sister said my shirt only flipped up in the back about 10 inches and the skirt when down a bit...but not all the way. The 40 adults I don't know at swim team were standing behind me and got that view! I'm just glad I wear the underwear I do because if I wore thong underwear...I'm sure I would have heard loud gasping, hyperventilating or maybe even some people puking. Phew! At least I found something positive to say about this span of events that occurred in 10 minutes! And the front side...luckily I was facing towards all the people I know. They claimed I didn't flash them. Ryder and the blanket somehow stayed put in the "general area."

I'm still not sure whether I should laugh or be embarrassed. But I can't help but wonder if some mom's thought to themselves... "And that's why we don't have as many children as those Mormons!"

I did stay for the remainder of practice which was another hour long. I had to finish feeding Ryder, Alexis was just starting practice...and luckily my clothes weren't see through...as long as they didn't fall down! At least I had a good story to tell Chad when I got home.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sassy and Sweet

Oh...how I love my girl! Yes, at times she can be quite a sassy little thing. But those times are managable because they come between the times where she is the sweetest most thoughtful daughter I could ever ask for!

Today, Chad had left to take Carter to his T-ball game. We were joining them when the game started. I asked Alexis to watch Owen downstairs while I fed Ryder upstairs.

She's quite the little mommy and LOVES holding her brothers. I was the same way when I was her age...I always wanted to hold babies and I hated that I didn't have a younger brother or sister.)

I heard a bunch of moving of chairs and such but I knew Owen was in good hands. Just as I was finishing up feeding Ryder I heard the vacuum turn on. I couldn't help but smile from ear to ear when I heard that sound. I went downstairs to find she had cleaned all the toys in the family room, straightened the couch pillows, cleared the dinner table, wiped it down, vacuumed and was putting all the chairs back.

You better believe she got the biggest hug and kiss after a sweet act like that. It made my day.
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