Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ups and Downs

I find it truly amazing how one week everything seems to be going wrong and then the next week you feel like you couldn't be happier!
Take:1 week ago.
While we were at the River we got two phone calls. One from my brother to tell me the other Hygienist's dad had passed away Saturday. Then Sunday, one of my best friend's dad (kinda Chad's Uncle) had a massive heart attack and passed away. Both were unexpected so it was really sad. I ended up working more (filling in for the other hygienist) and watching my sister's kids so she could work...that way I could be home a little to do the laundry! I told my friend to bring her girl by so she could help make plans for her dad's funeral. Can you imagine 6 tiny little kids running around my apartment while I'm attempting to clean. It was hilarious.
I would try to sneak out to go to the laundry room which is located in the middle of our apartments...only to start loading and hear screaming ..."MA MA? MA MA? A-BER? A-BER?" Of course, I'm running back. Oh, things are fine. So I would go back to finish loading. This was me all morning.

Then, one time, when I brought the laundry in my sister's little girl Emily (3 years old) followed me into my room. She asked, "Umm, Amber...Why are all your clothes and baskets outside?" I laughed but wanted to cry because I was reminded I am doing laundry in a coin-op machine and I really wish I had my own. One that random people didn't take my clothes and especially underwear out of! URRGH!

I proceeded to run around like a crazy woman all day. So...what's next, oh dishes! I load the dishes, push the dishwasher next to my sink (blocking off all access to the kitchen) and start her up! After it's done, I'm pushing it back when...Jillonnie's little girl, Shelby (4 years old) says, "WHAT IS THAT?" I laughed but I wanted to cry because I am once again reminded I still have a portable dishwasher. (I know, I'm grateful for it because I was doing dishes by hand for a long time. Ok, fine...I didn't do them. I left them till they stunk...Chad would finally be fed up and do them himself and then he got sick of that situation and bought a portable dishwasher!) Back to my story. I explain to Shelby that it is our dishwasher. Alexis chimes in, "Yeah, we bought it from this man." To which Shelby replies, "Oh! We have a dishwasher but we didn't buy it. It came with our house!" I laughed and again wanted to cry. A house? I want a house! URRGH!

I work all day Wednesday and on this particular no good week...all the patients decided to come 15 minutes late. Hence, crabby Amber who tries to play catch up all day. I get out of work late. So I'm driving home and it starts POURING rain...the hardest it possibly could. I'm thinking. Great...I'm late out of work...there is going to be NO parking. So I park a few blocks away from my apartment and think. Umbrella? Don't have one. Cell phone to call Chad? Not charged. Guess I gotta run! So I'm running and approach our apartments and come to a skreeching hault. Unfortunately, the rain gutters are clogged and there is a waterfall pouring down right on the path I need to take to get to my door. (someone's got to report that to MANAGEMENT! J/K..I love you guys!) So I bolt threw it like any TIRED, CRABBY, FED UP person would...only to jump in a huge puddle soaking my pants, socks and shoes! Finally, when I get to the door...I stop and look back at the waterfall and laugh but I really want to cry because I'm thinking to myself, "Where do I live!" URRGH!
I don't even have any great stories for this week. It just ran so great. I cleaned the house. Well, most of it. Alright, part of it and it only stayed clean that day. But for some reason I'm feeling happy and cheery and everything is great. Chad is awesome and tells me to go workout at 6:30 every night. So I fix dinner, work out and come home to find he already has the kids in bed. YES, can you believe it...he did that every night this week! My kids didn't seem to get on my nerves. Maybe, because I felt like I got time for myself other than putting them to bed and playing catch up. For some reason, I'm feeling like this apartment living isn't all that bad. Work and primary are running smoothly. I don't even feel overwhelmed. (That is amazing!) Alexis and I made a ton of banana bread the other day for friends and the girls I visit teach. My VT supervisor is going to faint from that alone! I feel like cooking dinner and cleaning up and I know what your thinking...SO NOT ME! But really I feel like I'm on top of the world.

So my question is:
Is it so normal to have these kind of weeks back to back or am I bipolar?

Monday, January 14, 2008

River Check

With my parents on their mission in Australia, someone needs to check on the river house once a month. The holidays got crazy so Chad and I took a quick two day trip out there this last weekend. It was so worth the drive! Our friends, the West's, came along and we enjoyed playing games and relaxing!

Always beautiful sunsets...on the dock of my parent home.

Carter and Mia

Britni is awesome...she got the kids cleaning!

Owen, Britni and Mia West
We met the West family when Chad was in school at BYU. We were so excited when they got a job offer down here and made the move. We didn't come till a year later...but we were hoping we would make it back! Chad and Owen love playing strategy board games and Brit and I could have fun doing anything together.

With the house clean, cars packed, we got this family picture on the dock!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Christmas. Wedding. Birthday. New Years.

Christmas was a blast! But I must be honest...
Carter's biting came back with a vengence on Christmas
day and continued all week. Can we say "over-stimulation."
Christmas Morning! Carter woke Alexis up.

Now we can go on family bike rides on the beach and
not worry about Alexis turning her bike into things.
This bike is attached to Chad's!
Our first ride...the day after Christmas.

Giving Melanie her gift..."Season 8 of Full House." It was that
or Happy Days, Partridge Family or Laverne and Shirley.

(Chad's Sister)

December 27, Newport Beach Temple

Who's the man!

Alexis and her cousin, William

1 over sized pair of pants + 1 small jacket = 1 stinkin' cute backside!

Carter loves Grandpa!


Jillonnie, Natalie and I almost died when we saw our kids
during Kelli and Andrew's first dance. So typical of Alexis:
holding Shelby's hand while flirting with Brandon.
He started stroking her hair...THAT'S WHERE WE STOPPED IT!

My kids love to dance! We danced the whole night.

Chad and I went out with friends and family to dinner and a movie on Saturday. My actual b-day was on Sunday...usually the worst day of the week for me. (Because I'm so busy before, at and after church and Alexis likes to give me a hard time.) But on my B-day...Alexis was an angel in Primary (Finally, the last day of the year she learns!) Chad made me some brownies with matches as my candles...only to have Alissa (Chad's sister) drop one of the matches on my head. No damage...just a video of screaming and laughing!

To reward Alexis for how she acted in primary we took her to see Enchanted. Only to have her throw up and have to take her home half way through. So scratch all plans. New years eve was spent in our apartment with just us! And let me tell you...I LOVED IT! Sometimes I just need to be able to relax for a holiday and not go anywhere! Chad and I put the kids to bed, ordered in our favorite Italian food, and we played cards while watching a movie.

My brother, Matt, invited us (and my two sister's families) to his house to play the Wii New years Day. It was a blast. It was the first time we got together with any of my family. So it was nice to spend some time with them.